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The race for the top of Shoutitout

The race for most subscribed on Shoutitout has gotten really competitive recently. 24/25 of the top 25 users have the celebrity badge and 9 users have more than 100 subscribers, but two users have an edge on everyone.

A few weeks ago if you asked around  you thought @willy or William Parish would keep his lead for awhile to come and if anyone was to pass him it would be @iJustine or Justine Ezarik, but now someone else is closer to passing @willy since the site launched, @xfawnx or Fawn Mead, Shoutitout’s top English user.

The race is closer than its ever been with Parish only 4 subscribers ahead of the popular competitor, the @xfawnx Shouts mostly pictures and only Shouts about once a day, @willy Shouts allot more and is involved in allot more conversation but they both are way ahead of every, the closest being the 3rd most subscribed person besides @admin, @ijustine who has fallen down behind @xfawnx by 34 so she shouldn’t press a challenge anytime soon, which means it comes down to two.

The race is on for 500 it seems and it should be interesting to see who gets there first and if one of these two users can pull away from the other.


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