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WHERES HIS HEAD!?! OH $H!%!? = the longest trend on Shoutitout

Today an interesting trend has come up on Shoutitout, “WHERES HIS HEAD!?! OH $H!%!?” don’t worry, its just a joke.

William Parish Shoutitout’s founder/CEO was involved in a conversation with @mat and @quack in which they talked about the X Games and how someone might die, Parish then said that he would make this phrase a trend, and he did.

We emailed Shoutitout on the matter and they said that the trend will be there till the next update and that its just a joke, not to worry nothing different.

It did give us something to write about today so thanks Shoutitout, and again, hopefully no one dies at the X Games, we will write about it if they do, simply because of this.


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