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Twitter photos comes to API

Twitter has beaten out Shoutitout in the race to get the respective sites photo feature out to their APIs. Twitter rolled theirs out today while Shoutitout is yet to launch theirs, to be fair, Shoutitout hasn’t actually confirmed they are that is just according to our sources.

Twitter users can publish the photos in .png, .jpg, and unanimated .GIF formats (like Shoutitout.)

This comes ahead of Apple and Twitter’s iOS 5 fused update that we all know is coming and we have written entire posts about before, though some already have access to it yes.

The feature has rate limits which Twitter explains, you also have to add the feature in it isn’t automatic. Twitter says it will add photo sharing to its own mobile apps within the week (translation: this month).

The photo sharing feature became available to all just last week.


Heello launches video

Heello has just launched video uploading to its Twitter competitor, making the second major difference between it and Twitter.

The site announced the feature today, you can upload a video by hitting the camera button and selecting the video you want to upload, basically the same was as you upload a photo except it shows up in video format.

The video is put in a very simple customized Heello video player, the only thing I don’t like about this feature is that when you opt to view the video full screen it only covers the web browser and not the whole screen so you can’t see the whole full screen, other than this it is a pretty nice feature.

No word yet on time limits for videos but my question is how much server space is this going to take up because Heello already had to cut its public timeline feature due to high capacity.

Hacking group Web-Bashers to launch attack on Shoutitout

Popular hacking group Web-Bashers says that it has plans to launch a hack attack on the somewhat popular social network Shoutitout on Monday.

The group published a video to Youtube under the account siobashers, there are no other videos on this account at this time. They also made a Shoutitout account @operationobliteration, but that account has since been removed from Shoutitout.

We reached out to Shoutitout for comment but they are yet to respond, Net-Bashers is yet to say why they plan on hacking into, and keeping Shoutitout down for 5 days but they do indeed plan to and they are a dangerous group that has had large successes taking down sites of all sizes.

Shoutitout would be this hacking groups largest, most well known attack so allot is riding on this for the hacking group as well. We will see how things go and keep our eyes on Shoutitout at 1am eastern time on Monday.

Here is the video:

Google adds Google+ to social search… shocker

In a move that was really obviously coming, Google has announced it is going to integrate Google+ posts into its social search feature. This means any public Google+ post will now appear in Google’s search results.

It is the same thing as the social search on Twitter for example, whenever someone shares a link on Google+ it will show underneath the link that they shared it on Google+, pretty simple stuff.

Google plans to roll this into Google social search over the next few days and even have it rank better than if it is shared on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, whatever.

This is what the search results look like if it is posted via Google+:

Shoutitout launches Mac app, plans to launch Windows as well

Shoutitout has just announced via blogpost, Shout by @admin and Shout by their new account @siodesktop that they have official launched a Mac app. They also say in the blog post that they have plans to launch other desktop applications as well in the future but don’t have an estimated time yet.

The site has launched a full landing page for the app at http://mac.myshoutitout.info, we don’t now at this time where the Windows app would be located but they probably do.

The app is built around HTML5 and a browser implant, it also has multitasking windows and allows you to add your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace profiles.

The app has almost everything the site does except the fact that it doesn’t have the ability to post a video, or attach a link which is why it gives you access to sio.me.

The app has gotten positive feedback but remember it just launched so the bugs haven’t been found yet.

This comes at a good time for Shoutitout. Twitter has been busy all week and Google+ got a 3rd party Mac app this week as well so it is a great way to say “Hey, we’re still here.”



Heello now at 1 million Pings

As we recently reported Heello had hit 500,000 Pings in less than 48 hours, now it has 1,000,000.

The site seems to be growing day by day and adding more Pings day by day as well we aren’t exactly sure how many a second/minute it is averaging but we would gess around 10 a second and 60 a minute.

This time the milestone Ping wasn’t deleted and was posted by @andinimiftaa saying: “Gue dilahirkan untuk jadi diri gue sendiri bukan jadi orang lain !” for those wondering that is Indonesian and says “I was born to be myself rather than be someone else!” if you translate it to English.

The site announced the milestone via, of course, Ping on its official Heello account says “We hit 1 million pings in 2 days!” which is an impressive stat.

The site is also closing in or may have already hit 100,000 members so hey, maybe it will give Twitter a run for its money. We will see.

Heello hits 500,000 Pings in less then 24 hours

Continuing its good start, startup Heello has hit 500,000 Pings as of around  11:49PM Pacific.

The site hasn’t Pinged about it yet most likely because it is headquarted in Charleston, South Carolina and it is alomst 3am in the morning there.

The annoying part? As far as we can tell the 500,000th Ping has been deleted. Every Ping gets a URL for example http://heello.com/p/34212 (no idea where that goes) a

nd if you go to http://heello.com/p/500000 there isn’t anything there it gives you a 404 page but http://heello.com/p/500001 says “@RisaPutri udah kok” and is posted by @devaaanDP, and 499,999 says “@salsabilaaa udah di listback. makasih ya:-)” and is posted by @Dhearizky.

We are actually pretty impressed with the sites hot start but can it keep it up or is it doomed to failure? We will find out I guess.


USA to Brazil: You can’t tell Brazilian companies what they can and cannot do!

A few weeks back we mentioned the whole Zynga Vostu fight that was going down and how Zynga had brought Google owned company Orkut into the whole thing by suing them as well. Today, the US court basically said “You can’t tell your countries companies what they can and cannot do!” as our title says.

The US court said that despite the fact “Brazil has an important interest in enforcing its copyright laws” they don’ get to do so “Zynga—which chose the U.S. forum first—now seeks to enforce an injunction it obtained abroad that would paralyze this Court’s ability to decide this case.”

Shocker that the US courts pick this case to move quickly, when someone in trying to undermine their jurisdication.

The funny party is near the end of the 8 page legal notice when the US judge, Edward Davila, that basically, even though he just trashed the Brazil court, he has no intent to trash the Brazil court.

It deserves strong emphasis that a TRO would not enjoin the Brazilian court at all. Nor does a TRO from this Court cast doubt on or express any opinion about the wisdom of the Brazilian proceedings. Rather, a TRO would enjoin Zynga…from flouting this Court’s jurisdiction. The fact that the flouting mechanism involves foreign courts is incidental.

It is going to be interesting to see these two courts fight over this though, we may have more coverage in future posts.

Oh yeah and the only company Zynga took legal action against was a company headquarted in Brazil, Orkut.

This is the full court order:
20110811 Davila Orderhttp://www.scribd.com/embeds/62140643/content?start_page=1&view_mode=list

Qaiku integrates Twitter

Qaiku a very small Twitter/Shoutitout/Plurk competitor has pulled in some heavy Twitter integration. The site now allows you to add your entire Twitter stream to your account a view it via a “Twitter” tab, you can also forward to Twitter your Pulses as they are called.

There is a “Share” tab that drops down along with several other tabs when you start to type a Pulse, the other tabs are mostly attachments, but the “Share” tab is the one it goes to by default.

You can also forward Pulses to Facebook but you can’t view your Facebook feed on the site.

Qaiku has had allot of issue growing and supporting itself recently because of new hot startups like Shoutitout and Google+ sucking in all the attention. Plus now with the launch of Heello, Qaiku is going to have to roll out some really nice stuff in order to have a chance of survival.

For those of you who noticed the similarity of Jaiku and Qaiku, it is basically a clone.

Mobypicture adds Google+ support

For the record we are covering this story because it makes no sense.

Mobypicture, a photo sharing service that allows you to post photos to Twitter, Facebook and several others that other sites don’t have, which seems to be its one uniqueness, has added support to posting pictures to Google+. Yes Google+ a site with Photo Albums.

According to Mobypicture this is just aan experement since they do not have access to the Google+ privet development API that very few have gotten access to, they also say they used a (most likely illegal) work around. By illegal we just mean against Google+’s terms, which could lead to eventually banishment and disabling of the feature.

Anyway, Mobypicture is very excited about the launch of this feature and has sent out several tweets tell people to spread the word that the feature has come.

The feature is in Mobypicture “Labs” and you must go to a special URL to use it. So allot of people want use it at first and I still personally think it will be suspended within the week since Google+ hasn’t been to kind to anyone (mostly Techcrunch) with terms of service violations.

This is how the picture posted threw Mobypicture will look in your timeline.


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