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There is a new most subscribed on Shoutitout

It has finally happened. There is now a new most subscribed person on Shoutitout.

@xfawnx has just passed (and pulled away from) @willy to take the top spot in most subscribed users on Shoutitout, excluding @admin of course. The pass happened about 30 minutes ago.

Parish has been leading the pack for almost 2 years so maybe its fitting someone else takes the lead for awhile since Shoutitout seems to  be slowly breaking out into something a little more major than it has been the last year or so.

It is important to add that if anyone is going to pass @xfawnx for to top spot anytime soon it will be Parish since they both are ahead of the next closest by around 50 subscribers we don’t however see this happening.

It looks like @xfawnx will keep her lead for awhile anyway in till someone else goes viral on Shoutitout. One thing is for sure she is popular on there, her shouts get an average of 7 likes a piece according to Shoutitout, which is the most out of any user.

Congratulation @xfawnx and keep close @willy maybe the race to 500 can get really interesting at the end.


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