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How will Shoutitout deal with brands?

This week has, without a doubt, brought up the question of how Shoutitout can be used for brand promotion and how they will deal with brands.

So far this week 3 new brands have entered the Shoutoverse, @tacobell, @redbull and recently @mtn_dew. Its also important to note that @Pepsi has been around for awhile.

So far without a doubt of the 3 @redbull got the biggest welcome, which is why we wrote about them. But @tacobell got allot of welcomes and @mtn_dew is already climbing up the subscription poll.

So this is bringing up the question, how is Shoutitout going to react with brands? So far the answer seems very well. Shoutitout’s users seem excited to have brands on the site advertising their products and what brands tend to do on social networks. The real question is, what about when these brands start advertising?

Shoutitout is, without a doubt, working on some type of advertising program but it is on a strict lock down from most of the Shoutitout staff otherwise we would have something on it other than that it exists. We think the reason they are being so secretive is because microblog advertising competition is starting to heat up, and most people think that Shoutitout has the best shot of competing with Twitter.

We are wondering how Shoutitout’s users are going to react to this so we got in touch with 10 random ones. They all seemed fine with it as long as its what they want, which according to the poll Shoutitout did is a sidebar ad.

We have also been doing some digging and discovered a little information. First of all @siobrands has been registered and is currently subscribed to all the brands on Shoutitout and every account related to Shoutitout or its staff. @willy is also subscribed to it which confirms its a legitimate account.

Something else we found was that the URL http://brands.myshoutitout.com and the URL http://static.a.brands.myshoutitout.com/ have been activated, even though both redirect to a cannot be found page at the moment. We contacted Shoutitout about these finding but they replied with the simple “No Comment” so we really can’t be sure what these are for at the moment, all we can tell you is that SOMETHING is coming, and boy isn’t Twitter wanting to get their hands on what it is (say our sources anyway).

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