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Shoutitout suspends Twitterfeed

Popular 3rd party application Twitterfeed has been suspended from Shoutitout by Shoutitout for terms of service violations.

We reached out to both companies on this subject, Shoutitout said they had no comment but Twitterfeed told us this:

We received a notification that our service had been suspended via the email we have signed up for the Shoutitout API with. We have replied to this email in order to find out exactly what we have done wrong. We will work to return our service to Shoutitout as soon as possible.

For the moment we have no clue what exactly Twitterfeed did that gave Shoutitout a reason to suspend it but it is most likely big since Twitterfeed is one of the most popular 3rd party applications on Shoutitout.

Popular accounts that used Twitterfeed have already discovered a loophole in the suspension. You can set up your Hellotxt account to your Shoutitout, then forward your Twitterfeed posts to Hellotxt, then to Shoutitout. @CNN has already done this if you need an example.

The only words we have gotten from Shoutitout is a Shout by @shoutitoutapi moments ago saying:

The 3rd party application twitterfeed has been suspend indefinitely for TOS violations

Reports have said that the Twitterfeed application stopped working around 4 pacific time. We will update you in another post once we get more information.


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