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We are getting sued by *INSTER COMPANY HERE*

We have just received a cout call for a lawsuit for 5 million dollars, what for? “Offensive material.”

Apparently our commenters have been posting “harsh” and “offensive” statements. Even though 98% of our comments are positive and 1.8% of the negative ones are towards us, not the product or feature or whatever we are talking about in the post.

We don’t post allot about things like this because it isn’t really something you would care about but this one pissed us off so much we decided we would, mainly because we can’t say the name of the “company” (that no one has ever heard of) that is suing us for no reason at all that according to our court notice we can’t say the name of on the internet or we risk “infecting and causing issues in the trail which could lead to an eventual mistrial taking more time and money.”

So when you are talking about us getting sued in daily conversation or on the internet you can just put whatever you want there, we suggestion things such as “Asshole corp”, “We are a waste of time and money that dosen’t do anything INC” or “Dickmart” but you can make your own creative ones if you want.


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