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Shoutitout Brands is “Coming soon”

Even though we have no idea what it is exactly yet. Shoutitout Brands is “Coming soon” says the start page anyway.

The page at the URL http://brand.myshoutitout.com/ now is a “Coming soon” newsletter signup page that so many startups are using now a days. You can also subscribe to an RSS of the updates without giving Shoutitout your email.

The page says this:

We are still building this page but it will be here soon! If you want to know when it will be here just enter your email in the box provided!

But you can check it out and signup for yourself.

As far as we can tell this is the only thing currently hosted on this server because when we indexed the site to see what else Shoutitout had, we didn’t find anything at all, besides this page. As far as we can tell Shoutitout has set up 2 servers so far for this and one has the actual site on it the other is just this signup page.

http://sio.me/siobrands/ also redirects to this page for now which we assume will be some kind of brand portal but we really don’t know exactly what it is and Shoutitout is still saying “No Comment” we do, however, have some information from Twitter. They want the information about Shoutitout’s brand plans very badly, they are even willing to pay for it if we find it out. So this is getting really interesting, we will keep digging and keep you updated!

You can read our previous coverage on this topic here.


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