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Twitterfeed adds Linkedin support

Twitterfeed, the leading RSS posting to social network feed has just added another network to its list of available services, Linkedin.

The site has offered forwarding to Twitter, Facebook, Shoutitou and Hellotxt for sometime now but Linkedin in brand new.

This is some good news since Shoutitout recently blocked Twitterfeed even though it is Twitterfeed’s second most popular network to forward to, only behind Twitter of course.

Linkedin forwarding could be useful in the means of showing possible employers your blog feed without having to go to Linkedin every time. It uses the legal Linkedin API of course, and seems to be a stable service from Twitterfeed as we would expect from one of the top 3rd party clients on the web.

It will be interesting to see how Linkedin compares to the other sites, I personally think it may become the 2nd or 3rd most popular since Facebook isn’t a site for sharing things in the means Twitterfeed does and Hellotxt only is so popular.

This is a good time for Linkedin to gain some ground on Shoutitout in terms of receiving post from Twitterfeed. Its also important because it adds one more service that Twitterfeed now has that die-hard competitor Dlvrit originally was the only service that offered forwarding to Linkedin.


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