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Why Shoutitout blocked Twitterfeed

According to what we have been able to found out there are two reasons that Twitterfeed has been ban from Shoutitout’s API, or temporarily suspended anyway.

Apparently someone sent a DMCA report on Twitterfeed to Shoutitout, which was later proven, and caused Shoutitout to remove Twitterfeed. We are still investigating and will update this post when we find out who sent the DMCA request to Shoutitout.

The second reason is “Producing unnecessary material or content” according to our sources that basically translates to spam. We are trying to find out what accounts have been producing this spam exactly.

Twitterfeed said this on the topic:

We are aware of the issues we are being accused of and have emailed Shoutitout with more information. We are not at liberty and have no intention of saying anymore.

That translates to Twitterfeed knows exactly what they did wrong, they just don’t want to, or have been told not to say.

They also said this:

We are already working with all the involved parties to fix the issues and hope that we can restore service to Shoutitout as soon as possible, meanwhile you can use Hellotxt to forward to Shoutitout.

This translates to it may be awhile, since they’re recommending Hellotxt, another service, also that there are more than just Shoutitout and Twitterfeed involved since they said “the involved parties” we will try and find out this information as well, this may take another post.


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