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Bitly buys Twitterfeed

Bit.ly the dominating URL shortening service has bought RSS publishing tool Twitterfeed for an undisclosed amount.

The buy isn’t for major changes in Bitly or any improvements there, well for the time being anyway, but actually for the large Twitterfeed userbase of over 1 million users and over 5,000,000 posts a day (though those numbers have dipped since Twitterfeed has been ban from Shoutitout.) And While eventually some Bitly functions may come up in Twitterfeed and some Twitterfeed  functions in Bitly, for now everything should stay the same and users shouldn’t notice the change in ownership.

We bought it because it’s a product, it’s out there, it’s growing, it’s in use. Let’s face it, posting updates to Twitter is not rocket science, but this also gives us posting to other social networks like Facebook and Shoutitout.

Says Bitly CEO Peter Stern.

The one thing this could change is the current banned status of Twitterfeed from Shoutitout. Maybe Bitly has the power to work something out because from what we are hearing Twitterfeed’s terms of service infractions are pretty severe.

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