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Google+ gets a 3rd party Mac app

Sully Taylor, Creative Director for Teens in Tech, has built a 3rd party Mac app for Google+ and it just went live.

The app is pretty simple and has every feature and is basically the actual web browser ported onto your computer.

This is interesting because Taylor says next week he has big plans for the app but wanted to go ahead and get something out there. We aren’t exactly sure what these “big plans” are yet but we are investigating.

The new app requires Mac OS X and Google Chrome but some users are reporting issues downloading it with Lion, I am using Lion and not having issues however.

Taylor is a member of the Google+ development program, basically a currently privet API, which he will use to make major changes to the Mac app.

The one noticeable problem so far as that there really isn’t a way back if you click a link that makes you leave Google+ , but every app has its issues.

The app also has push notifications to remind you to check Google+ as much as possible if you are an addict like some (me *Cough*).

Here is a preview of the main page of the app:


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