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Instagram having it’s first major downtime issues

Update: Amazon cloud is back up so all the effected sites (Reddit, Quora, Foursquare, Instagram etc etc… should be back up and running!

Instagram is down, this is big news since Instagram never has downtime issues. The site even survived the capacity of the the Biebster joining, but it is down right now and has been for a little while which means it must be something major and could be awhile before the service is restored.

So far Twitter is yet to erupt in people complaining like they always do but Instagram has tweeted this:

Hey everyone – we’re experiencing major problems with our hosting provider right now. We’re doing our best to investigate. Updates soon

Instagram is hosted by the Amazon cloud but it isn’t having Update: Looks like this is on Amazon, Foursquare is down as well. issues so it is on Instagram’s side as far as we can tell.

Hopefully, this isn’t the start of a series of downtime that so many fast growing sites go threw, Twitter had these issues forever, Facebook was known to have them and Foursquare recently suffered similar issues but they weren’t as bad, so we will see.

We will keep you updated on this post once Instagram tweets again or if the site comes back up for a 10+ minute period of time.


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