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Shoutitout seems to be the only site that learned from the last Amazon downtime

As we just reported Instagram, and a large portion of the rest of the internet, just had around a 40 minute downtime because the Amazon cloud went down. The question? Why hasn’t anyone learned that this kind of thing can happen?

Back in April a similar issue arose but it was a much larger downtime. This downtime took with it 100s of sites, and has done so again today.

As far as I can tell only 3 sites even took notice of the last downtime and picked up servers in more than one region to avoid it again, and only one set up auto backup servers that aren’t even hosted on Amazon (this site being Shoutitout).

If you search for “Downtime” on Twitter you will see several sites apologizing for their current downtime issues. These sites include Instagram, Foursquare and Netflix’s entire system.

You can also notice that sites like Reddit and Quora didn’t stay down long because they bought servers in other regions, but it took them awhile to switch over.

Meanwhile, Shoutitout auto switched to their very own server located in England (not the best place to be right now however). The only reason Shoutitout isn’t already hosted on this server is that it isn’t big enough yet, they are still building it up.

Shoutitout was still effected though, the site was 10 times slower than usual and occasionally wouldn’t load. It also had a major increase in 500 errors and glitches came up all over the site.


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