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Shoutitout grows almost 20% in one day

Shoutitout had a pretty good day yesterday. More than pretty good, more like an amazing day.

The site grew almost 20% in just one 24 hour period soaring up nearly 100 members which is something that hasn’t happened on the site, ever.

Shoutitout expects to have several more days, not this size, but pretty big in the next few days as well which should grow them past 700 members before the school year gets started (which is what they are aiming for.)

Shoutitout announced this via a Shout by @admin saying this exactly:

You could say we had a good day yesterday

The Shout is yet to get any comments or likes, most likely because it is currently 1am on the east cost which is where allot of Shoutitout’s userbase is, but it will slowly gather attention for sure.

The site seems pretty excited about the sudden extreme growth, but really it isn’t to sudden since the site has had several large days recently and also several amazing days with the amount of Shouts then the site really should be expecting this.

This is also why the site recently moved to the Amazon cloud, in fact they might be the site using the cloud the best since it didn’t crash along with Instagram, Foursquare and others last night.


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