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Twitpic founder launches Twitter competitor

Twitpic founder Noah Everette has launched a new site called Heello, it is almost exactly like Twitter.

The site was announced awhile back and has been in privet testing for a while now but really the only noticeable difference between it and Twitter is that it has a public streaming feed that you can’t pause, but don’t have to click messages to see more “Pings.”

Aside from that the site basically just changes the words of everything and allows you to use it, just like Twitter.

The site is also currently mostly fake accounts making fun of the site, like Mark Zuckerbergs page that has a description saying “I made Facebook, bitch!” so don’t but to much weight into what you hear on Heello.

It is also very possible this might just be an attack on Twitter for some revenge since Twitter launched a competitor (that it recently just deployed to the whole web, which may have something to do with the all of a sudden launch.) Twitter also blindsided Twitpic about the feature when they told yFrog and other sites that offered similar photo sharing to Twitter features. This could just be an F-you Twitter site.

Everette did “Ping” that features he has planned for the site will make it stand out from others, we will see.

What a profile on the site looks like:


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