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Twitter rolls out photo sharing to everyone, now it gets interesting

Twitter has just announced it has rolled out its new built in photo sharing service to everyone on the site. This makes things allot more interesting.

The site has allowed some of its users access to the new feature but not a large amount in till today when everyone got the message that they now have access to the photo sharing service which should reboot a highly anticipated feature which was already starting to become unused.

The reason this makes things interesting is because what will it do to Twitpic, Mobypicture, yFrog, etc. Also can Twitter catch up with Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Shoutitout etc…?

Right now Twitter gets about 1 photo for ever 10,000 Facebook photos, 2,000 Flickr photos, 5 Instgram photos, and 3 Shoutitout photos but this will grow that number largely and cut into that stat by allot.

Or the other thing, no one will use it and will keep supporting Twitpic in till Twitter just blows it off and it stays out there but is almost never used, which has happened often with other sites, but isn’t a usual around Twitter.

We will keep you updated in different posts if any other popular photo sharing service respond to this.

What a photo looks like after it is tweeted:

Video explaining Twitter photos:


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