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Heello averages 4 Pings a second on first day

New startup Heello has started a little faster than other startups of similar design and features. The site had an average of 4 Pings a second on its first day, granted this isn’t near what Twitter gets and really Shoutitout gets more than this to, but it is a solid start and is a much better start than either of those two sites got.

The site is closing in on 200,000 Pings and after one day of being on the web that is pretty nice of a number. For those wondering, the site is hosted by Amazon but on a special server, not in the regular cloud like allot of other hot startups. This fixes the issue of it going down with the rest of the internet when the Amazon Cloud goes down like it did recently.

As far as we can tell Hello has more than 25,000 members to date and it probably has around 30 or 40 thousand. We don’t know how many photos have been posted but are trying to find a source who may have information on the matter. It is always hard to find out this kind of information on startups so it could be awhile before we have that kind of thing about Heello.

One thing is for sure, it has given itself a nice little start, lets see where it goes from here.


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