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The fake account problem on Heello

Heello has gotten an interesting response as a knock off of Twitter, but it has also been filled with fake accounts. Most sites get a few Justin Biebers or Lady Gagas but Heello is getting fakes like crazy.

The site is working on a way to pull the fakes out of the userbase but for now the site will be filled with fake accounts. These accounts include: @cnet, @googleplus, @yahoo, @twitter, @youtube, @shoutitout, @ev, @wikileaks, @martzuckerberg and many others.

The site has also gotten its full collection of Justin Biebers the most notable being @justinbieb who is also a fake.

For now if a “company” joins Heello don’t trust anything posted on the account in till the company confirms that the account is theirs. All the accounts we listed above have confirmed with us that they made no account on Heello.

Some stats for Heello really quickly. The site has a little more than 16,500 Pings and around 5,000 users. We can’t get the exact stat for the users that is just the amount of listeners the official @Heello account has, that account isn’t a fake by the way.

Proof the listed accounts are fake just by the Pings they have posted:


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