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Heello now at 1 million Pings

As we recently reported Heello had hit 500,000 Pings in less than 48 hours, now it has 1,000,000.

The site seems to be growing day by day and adding more Pings day by day as well we aren’t exactly sure how many a second/minute it is averaging but we would gess around 10 a second and 60 a minute.

This time the milestone Ping wasn’t deleted and was posted by @andinimiftaa saying: “Gue dilahirkan untuk jadi diri gue sendiri bukan jadi orang lain !” for those wondering that is Indonesian and says “I was born to be myself rather than be someone else!” if you translate it to English.

The site announced the milestone via, of course, Ping on its official Heello account says “We hit 1 million pings in 2 days!” which is an impressive stat.

The site is also closing in or may have already hit 100,000 members so hey, maybe it will give Twitter a run for its money. We will see.


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