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Youtube joins Shoutitout after Shoutitout announces video milestone

Youtube has just joined Shoutitout under the nickname @youtube, this coming just hours after Shoutitout had announced that over 5 years of playing time in video had been Shouted.

For those who don’t know Shoutitout only allows you to Shout videos that are posted on other sites, they only allow 3 other sites Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe.

Shoutitout has also partnered with Vimeo to allow you to upload videos to Vimeo without leaving Shoutitout. They tried to do the same thing with Youtube and Metacafe but the sites couldn’t come to a agreement so they went ahead with just Vimeo.

Well, today Shoutitout announced this milestone of 5 years of video playing time, it was also rumored that Vimeo was catching up in playing time and amount of videos posted, so Youtube decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a Shoutitout account.

Shoutitout has several popular Youtubers on it so Vimeo could perhaps pull them in somehow but Youtube wanted none of that so they made a Shoutitout account, say our sources.

The account hasn’t gotten much attention yet but has only Shouted once and has picked up a badge, plus it is friends with 2 of Shoutitout’s top 5 users already so that is a solid start.

As for Shoutitout stats we have a little more than what they announced. First of all around 3 years of the video are from Youtube, around 1 and say, 9 months is from Vimeo and around 3 months is from Metacafe. There are around 11,000 Youtube videos posted on Shoutitout, around 9,000 Vimeo videos and around 1,ooo Metacafe. Vimeo used to be around 10,000 behind Youtube but has really cut into that since the partnership.

We are also starting to wonder, maybe Youtube will start talking with Shoutitout about the terms of that partnership again to stop Vimeo from getting any more ground on them threw Shoutitout. Anyway this is a pretty high profile signup for Shoutitout.


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