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Hacking group Web-Bashers to launch attack on Shoutitout

Popular hacking group Web-Bashers says that it has plans to launch a hack attack on the somewhat popular social network Shoutitout on Monday.

The group published a video to Youtube under the account siobashers, there are no other videos on this account at this time. They also made a Shoutitout account @operationobliteration, but that account has since been removed from Shoutitout.

We reached out to Shoutitout for comment but they are yet to respond, Net-Bashers is yet to say why they plan on hacking into, and keeping Shoutitout down for 5 days but they do indeed plan to and they are a dangerous group that has had large successes taking down sites of all sizes.

Shoutitout would be this hacking groups largest, most well known attack so allot is riding on this for the hacking group as well. We will see how things go and keep our eyes on Shoutitout at 1am eastern time on Monday.

Here is the video:


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