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Twitter photos comes to API

Twitter has beaten out Shoutitout in the race to get the respective sites photo feature out to their APIs. Twitter rolled theirs out today while Shoutitout is yet to launch theirs, to be fair, Shoutitout hasn’t actually confirmed they are that is just according to our sources.

Twitter users can publish the photos in .png, .jpg, and unanimated .GIF formats (like Shoutitout.)

This comes ahead of Apple and Twitter’s iOS 5 fused update that we all know is coming and we have written entire posts about before, though some already have access to it yes.

The feature has rate limits which Twitter explains, you also have to add the feature in it isn’t automatic. Twitter says it will add photo sharing to its own mobile apps within the week (translation: this month).

The photo sharing feature became available to all just last week.


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