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Mobypicture adds Google+ support

For the record we are covering this story because it makes no sense.

Mobypicture, a photo sharing service that allows you to post photos to Twitter, Facebook and several others that other sites don’t have, which seems to be its one uniqueness, has added support to posting pictures to Google+. Yes Google+ a site with Photo Albums.

According to Mobypicture this is just aan experement since they do not have access to the Google+ privet development API that very few have gotten access to, they also say they used a (most likely illegal) work around. By illegal we just mean against Google+’s terms, which could lead to eventually banishment and disabling of the feature.

Anyway, Mobypicture is very excited about the launch of this feature and has sent out several tweets tell people to spread the word that the feature has come.

The feature is in Mobypicture “Labs” and you must go to a special URL to use it. So allot of people want use it at first and I still personally think it will be suspended within the week since Google+ hasn’t been to kind to anyone (mostly Techcrunch) with terms of service violations.

This is how the picture posted threw Mobypicture will look in your timeline.



Buying Plixi was the best move Lockerz ever made

Lockerz.com, the small site for gathering points by completing things and getting rewards from them, until they bought Plixi. In this last month Lockerz.com views have spiked from 140,500 to nearly 2 million, that’s over 1000% growth in this month.

Meanwhile, Lockerz is slowly becoming rather popular in Twitter photo sharing as the photo sharing services of Twitter haven’t died yet because Twitter hasn’t distributed its photo services to every yet but did begin to roll them out to users recently.

Not only has Lockerz.com been growing like crazy this month its grown in the last year almost 500%, given most of that was from the last month its still notable that this site is becoming popular.

Now our other note, two other popular photo sharing services for Twitter Mobypicture and yFrog are also growing monthly and yearly, however, long time leader in the department, Twitpic is taking a beating. Its has grown the least in the last year and has actually shrunk in the last month.

Twitter left them out when they informed the 3rd party apps they had plans to launch a photo service which was rather interesting since they’re the biggest company in the department. We speculated they didn’t think Twitpic would be able to survive because they only offer sharing to Twitter while the other sites will share to Facebook etc.

What do you think Twitpic has next in the bag? They did launch videos recently.

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