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Twitpic founder tweets picture of himself getting arrested

What do you do if you own a popular photo sharing service? Tweet a picture of yourself getting arrested of course!

Moments ago Twitpic founder Noah Everett who has around 2.8 million followers tweeted that he was getting arrested and was in the back of a cop car, to prove it he decided to tweet a picture of the back of the cop car (pasted below).

We can’t tell yet why he was arrested or if he actually was, but if he was he has taken over sharring to a new level. This post will be updated when we know more.

Update: According to more recent tweets Everett was walking down his street naked. The tweets read as:

one that reads “by half naked I mean naked” which has been removed.


Buying Plixi was the best move Lockerz ever made

Lockerz.com, the small site for gathering points by completing things and getting rewards from them, until they bought Plixi. In this last month Lockerz.com views have spiked from 140,500 to nearly 2 million, that’s over 1000% growth in this month.

Meanwhile, Lockerz is slowly becoming rather popular in Twitter photo sharing as the photo sharing services of Twitter haven’t died yet because Twitter hasn’t distributed its photo services to every yet but did begin to roll them out to users recently.

Not only has Lockerz.com been growing like crazy this month its grown in the last year almost 500%, given most of that was from the last month its still notable that this site is becoming popular.

Now our other note, two other popular photo sharing services for Twitter Mobypicture and yFrog are also growing monthly and yearly, however, long time leader in the department, Twitpic is taking a beating. Its has grown the least in the last year and has actually shrunk in the last month.

Twitter left them out when they informed the 3rd party apps they had plans to launch a photo service which was rather interesting since they’re the biggest company in the department. We speculated they didn’t think Twitpic would be able to survive because they only offer sharing to Twitter while the other sites will share to Facebook etc.

What do you think Twitpic has next in the bag? They did launch videos recently.

Twitter blinesides Twitpic with new photo launch

Well, today Twitter has finally launched the overly discussed Twitter photosharing service. Now, we had been told they had informed other companies like yfrog and Plixi/Lockerz/Tweetphoto about the upcoming feature far in advanced. The one service they did notify? Twitpic. This has obviously annoyed Twitpic

We understand that Twitter owns and controls the platform, but a clearer roadmap from them and better communication would have been appreciated by us and all the developers

States Twitpic CEO Noah Everette says. He then goes on to say:

We’ve always had Twitter’s best interest in mind with building and running Twitpic, we would have hoped the same from Twitter, at least in the form of better communication

This is a similar complaint many developers have had with Twitter over the last year as the continue to “fill in” their product. It had seemed like Twitter had learned however as they talked to yfrog in advanced but it turns out that may have been more for deals than to actually warn them.

“Twitpic will continue to run just as we always have. The brand we’ve built is strong” is what Twitpic has to say about their future. But we don’t believe thats exactly true because they can hang around for a while but people will slowly shift over to using Twitter to host their photos, its just easier that way.

Quick notes:

To be fair Twitter did kind of hint they might launch something somewhat like this back at Chirp last year…

Q: Is Twitter going to host rich media (images/video/etc)?
Ev Williams: The honest answer is we haven’t made a decision. We love that we don’t have to host media. But we also think there are user experience issues with it. Photos are a fundamental way people share information. They fit in twitter very well. Lots of people have provided that functionality. We think it’s great, we’re looking at how to make it easier.
Ryan Sarver: We’ve been working on a spec that would allow any media provider to send through an API.
Ev Williams: We’re going to make it easier to both share and view pics in our interface. We can’t guarantee that we won’t host media if it’s needed. Not in immediate plans this quarter.

Also yfrog, Lockerz, and Mobypicture, the 3 big photo sharing sites on Twitter if you take out Twitpic all allow photo sharing to other services, besides Twitter, so maybe Twitter thought they could just remove their Twitter service were as Twitpic is base only on Twitter so it should shut down.

Twitter launching its own photosharing service

Twitter has been pretty clear about where developers should stake their claim in the Twitter ecosystem stating to not build “client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.Well if thats true, Twitpic and yfrog can just give up now, along with every other photosharing threw Twitter service. According to several sources (and Techcrunch’s sources) Twitter is getting ready to launch its own Twitpic competitor and may announce tomorrow (articles about this going out may change that, naturally.) This isn’t a surprise as Twitter has been slowly taking over its API’s job, first with it launching mobile apps and updating its mobile site, then with it buying Tweetdeck. This is just the next step in its take over. We have no information on what it will look like or what it will be called, if anything it may be called twitphoto.me, which we don’t really get, but if it is that domain will be snatched up soon most likely (it isn’t now according to Godaddy). All we do know is that its coming soon, and if they’re serious about earning revnue there will be ads on it.

Twitpic brings video to Twitter

Today Twitpic has launched a video sharing service to go along with its picture service. While many people use Youtube to post to Twitter when they need to share a video clip. Its good to have a 3rd party site based around Twitter to share clips with. The site announced users will be able to upload videos via the site, email, and 3rd party services that opt to add Twitpic video support. Everything ells will remain the same. The video thumbnails are all that show actually on Twitter now but Twitpic is working with them to get full video embedded on Twitter. Here is what the features look like. Click them to see it in action.

Twitpic joins in on downtime day

Twitpic is currently down and this has been confirmed by @twitpic on Twitter. The site is displaying a “This webpage is not available” message also according to what we can find out it has something to do with connection. Twitpic announced they were working on the problem about 20 minutes ago we aren’t sure when the problem first emerged. The images on Twitter with the new version are displaying fine so its not any kind of data lose the API appears to be fine as well just the site twitpic.com seems to be down. The site is also displaying its favicon so nothing is lost the site just isn’t coming up right now. Twitpic is pretty good with uptime so this is a rare event. We will keep you updated.

Do you like Posterous, Tumblr, or Twitpic to share on Twitter? (Poll)

Do you prefer Twitpic, Posterous, or Tumblr to share your photo and stuff on twitter? These has been todays biggest news along with Cuil possible closing down, but thats not our category. Which do you prefer? Tumblr has tons of ways to post and is growing rapidly, Posterous is growing and expanding fast also allowing sharing on more than just Twitter, and Twitpic is Twitpic focused all on photos. Posterous has had allot of issues recently while Twitpic and Posterous have been holding up pretty well. We have someone here with all 3 of the accounts. Our Twitpic master loves there recent feature launches and is happy to be using Twitpic. Our tumblr man isn’t a twitterer but likes the site. Its kind of hard to post sometimes but not all the time. Our Posterous user loves to use the site and share things randomly out. Shoutitout, Twitter, Flickr, etc… which do you prefer? Results from last weeks poll are below the poll.

Last weeks Results:

1. Shoutitout 46.88% of the votes.

2. Twitter got 25% of the votes.

3. Facebook got 21.88% of the votes.

4. Other/None got 6.25% of the votes

Views the post here.

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