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Twitter photos comes to API

Twitter has beaten out Shoutitout in the race to get the respective sites photo feature out to their APIs. Twitter rolled theirs out today while Shoutitout is yet to launch theirs, to be fair, Shoutitout hasn’t actually confirmed they are that is just according to our sources.

Twitter users can publish the photos in .png, .jpg, and unanimated .GIF formats (like Shoutitout.)

This comes ahead of Apple and Twitter’s iOS 5 fused update that we all know is coming and we have written entire posts about before, though some already have access to it yes.

The feature has rate limits which Twitter explains, you also have to add the feature in it isn’t automatic. Twitter says it will add photo sharing to its own mobile apps within the week (translation: this month).

The photo sharing feature became available to all just last week.


Qaiku integrates Twitter

Qaiku a very small Twitter/Shoutitout/Plurk competitor has pulled in some heavy Twitter integration. The site now allows you to add your entire Twitter stream to your account a view it via a “Twitter” tab, you can also forward to Twitter your Pulses as they are called.

There is a “Share” tab that drops down along with several other tabs when you start to type a Pulse, the other tabs are mostly attachments, but the “Share” tab is the one it goes to by default.

You can also forward Pulses to Facebook but you can’t view your Facebook feed on the site.

Qaiku has had allot of issue growing and supporting itself recently because of new hot startups like Shoutitout and Google+ sucking in all the attention. Plus now with the launch of Heello, Qaiku is going to have to roll out some really nice stuff in order to have a chance of survival.

For those of you who noticed the similarity of Jaiku and Qaiku, it is basically a clone.

Twitterfeed adds Linkedin support

Twitterfeed, the leading RSS posting to social network feed has just added another network to its list of available services, Linkedin.

The site has offered forwarding to Twitter, Facebook, Shoutitou and Hellotxt for sometime now but Linkedin in brand new.

This is some good news since Shoutitout recently blocked Twitterfeed even though it is Twitterfeed’s second most popular network to forward to, only behind Twitter of course.

Linkedin forwarding could be useful in the means of showing possible employers your blog feed without having to go to Linkedin every time. It uses the legal Linkedin API of course, and seems to be a stable service from Twitterfeed as we would expect from one of the top 3rd party clients on the web.

It will be interesting to see how Linkedin compares to the other sites, I personally think it may become the 2nd or 3rd most popular since Facebook isn’t a site for sharing things in the means Twitterfeed does and Hellotxt only is so popular.

This is a good time for Linkedin to gain some ground on Shoutitout in terms of receiving post from Twitterfeed. Its also important because it adds one more service that Twitterfeed now has that die-hard competitor Dlvrit originally was the only service that offered forwarding to Linkedin.

Plusroulette is Google Hangouts + Chatroulette

Part of Google’s new social networking platform is Google Hangouts, a video chatting feature that lets you communicate with up top 10 people at once, you can even share things like a Youtube video in the chat and everyone can talk about it while watching.

So it was only a time till someone tried it use this feature to create a video like chatting service similar to viral Chatroulette, ergo here comes PlusRoulette.

This new site takes advantage, and makes it easier to find and create public chat hangouts which are allowed but you have to list them, with this it auto makes and lists then and your name is associated with the Google Plus hangout so it solves the penis problem, till the fake accounts start coming anyway, which actually makes this a good idea.

Shoutitout API hits 500,000 Shouts posted via

Twitter recently hit a huge milestone for its API, 1 million registered clients. Well, today Shoutitout has hit a pretty large milestone, 500,000 Shouts have been posted via the API.

The Shoutitout API went public last summer and got popular quickly. It has been growing and changing often and has had some major parties involved like Tweetdeck and Seesmic. In fact Seesmic may have bought Pingfm for the sole purpose of dominating the Shoutitout API, which they have failed to do since rival Tweetdeck (now owned by Twitter) is actually more popular than Seesmic even though Seesmic offer Shoutitout connection threw several of its clients.

The Shoutitout API is growing steady for the last year as new features role out to it slowly but surly.

We recently wondered what caused the success of the API, we learned it does over 10 million requests a day which is amazing for a API of its size so we decided we were going to track down how it was so successful. So the reason? Shoutitout teaches its less advanced at coding users how to edit the things it allow users to embed to have certain features that will take up more requests, like changing the color of the embed widgets or allowing users to login threw Shoutitout.


Twitter reaches 1 million 3rd party clients

Twitter has just published a blog post with some stats about its API, the stats include the fact that there are over 1 million 3rd party Twitter apps from 750,000 developers and that a new app is registered every 1.5 seconds. Not to mention the amount of money that has been put into developing Twitter apps, over 500 million dollars since December 2010, as well as billions put out into acquisitions.

These are some pretty impressive stats since the developer platform only supported 150,000 apps a year ago.

To boost its insane growth Twitter is launching a new developer portal built on Durpal. This new portal includes an upgraded discussion forum which is a move away from the old fashion mailing list Twitter used to use. There is also a new “Dev teatime” section that aims for developers to be more social with each other.

Twitter is also rolling out a new developer only blog, which will include tips, announcements, howto, events, and other subjects regarding the Twitter API.

Twitter has also rolled out a new streamline app manager and made improvements to the search at dev.twitter.com.

This is a step in the right direction to improve relations between Twitter and its developers, which haven’t been very good recently. In fact, they have been so bad that Twitter is currently under a federal investigation about them.

Shoutitout rolls out new simple API features

Shoutitout has its complex API that is confusing a best, just like Facebook and Twitter, but something that it has that Facebook and Twitter don’t is easy ways to do almost everything. Today they added two new things to those easy things, Subscribe to me buttons and embedding Shouts.

The subscribe to me button was announced but hasn’t gotten attention but has been out there. You can get this new button feature from Shoutitout’s API wiki. They give you some code that you slightly edit and it will link to your profile. Shoutitout also informs use they will be adding more customization to the feature over the next few weeks/months.

The embedding Shouts feature has been used by a few for a while now (including us) and will probably be a success. They give you several options on what to embed then show how to do it.

This may be the begin of a mass API roll out for Shoutitout, last summer is when their API really took off and a source of ours has informed us there may be a photo API in the works, which would make since with the recent Twitter photo launch and Facebook about to launch an photo sharing app, also since they just reached 1,000,000 photo uploads.

Twitter blinesides Twitpic with new photo launch

Well, today Twitter has finally launched the overly discussed Twitter photosharing service. Now, we had been told they had informed other companies like yfrog and Plixi/Lockerz/Tweetphoto about the upcoming feature far in advanced. The one service they did notify? Twitpic. This has obviously annoyed Twitpic

We understand that Twitter owns and controls the platform, but a clearer roadmap from them and better communication would have been appreciated by us and all the developers

States Twitpic CEO Noah Everette says. He then goes on to say:

We’ve always had Twitter’s best interest in mind with building and running Twitpic, we would have hoped the same from Twitter, at least in the form of better communication

This is a similar complaint many developers have had with Twitter over the last year as the continue to “fill in” their product. It had seemed like Twitter had learned however as they talked to yfrog in advanced but it turns out that may have been more for deals than to actually warn them.

“Twitpic will continue to run just as we always have. The brand we’ve built is strong” is what Twitpic has to say about their future. But we don’t believe thats exactly true because they can hang around for a while but people will slowly shift over to using Twitter to host their photos, its just easier that way.

Quick notes:

To be fair Twitter did kind of hint they might launch something somewhat like this back at Chirp last year…

Q: Is Twitter going to host rich media (images/video/etc)?
Ev Williams: The honest answer is we haven’t made a decision. We love that we don’t have to host media. But we also think there are user experience issues with it. Photos are a fundamental way people share information. They fit in twitter very well. Lots of people have provided that functionality. We think it’s great, we’re looking at how to make it easier.
Ryan Sarver: We’ve been working on a spec that would allow any media provider to send through an API.
Ev Williams: We’re going to make it easier to both share and view pics in our interface. We can’t guarantee that we won’t host media if it’s needed. Not in immediate plans this quarter.

Also yfrog, Lockerz, and Mobypicture, the 3 big photo sharing sites on Twitter if you take out Twitpic all allow photo sharing to other services, besides Twitter, so maybe Twitter thought they could just remove their Twitter service were as Twitpic is base only on Twitter so it should shut down.

Tweetie officially no longer supports Shoutitout

Although its been almost a year since Tweetie stopped working on Shoutitout/since Twitter bought it today Shoutitout and Twitter announced officially that Twitter for iPhone will no longer support Shoutitout, neither will the Mac application. We’ve seen this coming and both sites are just casually announcing it like it was just a normal little meeting, but our sources say otherwise. Shoutitout is known for getting in company fights with very large internet companies and winning like Myspace. This one doesn’t seem like Shoutitout will win though because its a battle of money, and all though Shoutitout isn’t broke… Twitter is rich. Tweetie was the second most popular iPhone/iPod touch application so it did hurt Shoutitout when they stopped support Shoutitout. Now Twitter is in talks to buy Tweetdeck for 50 million and UberMedia is also going after it for 35 million. Well UberMedia owns Ubersocial and Twidroyd which still support Shoutitout so Shoutitout should be fine with that, but Tweetdeck is extremely popular on Shoutitout and is actually more used than the actual site is in the UK so if Tweetdeck takes support away from Shoutitout that will hurt their API, which has grown allot recently, massively. Shoutitout will somehow try and keep this from happening but this looks like a Twitter win from here. We will see though.

Linkedin launches developer platform

Linkedin has announced its launching its developer platform with faster Javascript APIs and customizable plugins to all developers. Linkedin has had an api since 2009 but it has lacked certain important features like OAuth 2.0 and fast javascript API coding, something the company has been testing for a few months now. Some of the plugins include a “login with Linkedin” button an “recommend” button and other profile and share buttons. The new API has also been revamped under the hood with new Javascript code that is a “hole lot faster.”

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