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Let the war begin

Well first of all we’d like to say told you.

We haven’t been posting in the last 2 days and you have the right to know why, we have been digging, lots.

Basically we knew something was coming in microblogging and sites competing with all of their resources to get the most out of their advertising programs, well today it gets ugly.

We are just going to make a list of our sources at 4 very powerful microblogging sites.

Twitter: Twitter, gotta love Twitter. To bad today they started “operation elimination” as they’re calling it, the sole mission of it being, do whatever it takes to find out Shoutitout’s plans for advertising, it also says that they will do whatever it takes to crush every other microblogs advertising plans

Plurk: Plurk runs Asia so basically they want to run advertising of Asia, right now they use Google Adwords but they plan to start making it so you can sign up strait from Plurk. I’m sure Twitter will have something to say about this for sure and we are sure some other sites will as well.

Google+: Sorry, but it will come eventually, Google+ does have very undeveloped plans to start advertising in a few months/years. We don’t have that much information about them but they plan to take over this department of advertising, like Google always does.

Shoutitout: Our sources don’t know much about their plans for advertising just that http://brand.myshoutitout.com has something to do with it. What we do know is they are working to compete across the board and they may have the best chance of giving Twitter a run, even though Google+ has better resources their plans are much less developed so it will take them awhile. Shoutitout on the other hand is almost ready to start testing. Also, to make things worse they are about to launch something directly targeted at Twitter, we have been asked by our source not to tell what it is since he has put allot of work into it but boy, it will toss things up for sure.

So as you can see its getting ugly, and tensions are rising all across the web right now. We could have a future of lots of high scale arguments, userbases of sites planning hack wars against other userbases and lawsuits all over.


How will Shoutitout deal with brands?

This week has, without a doubt, brought up the question of how Shoutitout can be used for brand promotion and how they will deal with brands.

So far this week 3 new brands have entered the Shoutoverse, @tacobell, @redbull and recently @mtn_dew. Its also important to note that @Pepsi has been around for awhile.

So far without a doubt of the 3 @redbull got the biggest welcome, which is why we wrote about them. But @tacobell got allot of welcomes and @mtn_dew is already climbing up the subscription poll.

So this is bringing up the question, how is Shoutitout going to react with brands? So far the answer seems very well. Shoutitout’s users seem excited to have brands on the site advertising their products and what brands tend to do on social networks. The real question is, what about when these brands start advertising?

Shoutitout is, without a doubt, working on some type of advertising program but it is on a strict lock down from most of the Shoutitout staff otherwise we would have something on it other than that it exists. We think the reason they are being so secretive is because microblog advertising competition is starting to heat up, and most people think that Shoutitout has the best shot of competing with Twitter.

We are wondering how Shoutitout’s users are going to react to this so we got in touch with 10 random ones. They all seemed fine with it as long as its what they want, which according to the poll Shoutitout did is a sidebar ad.

We have also been doing some digging and discovered a little information. First of all @siobrands has been registered and is currently subscribed to all the brands on Shoutitout and every account related to Shoutitout or its staff. @willy is also subscribed to it which confirms its a legitimate account.

Something else we found was that the URL http://brands.myshoutitout.com and the URL http://static.a.brands.myshoutitout.com/ have been activated, even though both redirect to a cannot be found page at the moment. We contacted Shoutitout about these finding but they replied with the simple “No Comment” so we really can’t be sure what these are for at the moment, all we can tell you is that SOMETHING is coming, and boy isn’t Twitter wanting to get their hands on what it is (say our sources anyway).

Twitter taking extra measures to protect confidential documents

Twitter is partnering with a German company called Brainloop in order to more effectively safeguard and also to give it the ability to loosely share its confidential documents.

Brainloop has some highlevel consumers already including Nokia and BMW already so they know what they’re doing. Needless to say, we don’t like this, now we can’t mistakenly find Twitter confidential documents as easily, haha.

In a statement Twitter said it is excited to be working with Brainloop in and it should help as Twitter “expands its global footprint.”

Branloop CEO Luca Baratta said this:

We make it easy for workers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders, whether they reside inside or outside the network, to do their jobs knowing they are complying with confidentiality rules, that their intellectual property is being protected, and best of all, that they don’t have to worry about it.

Translation: Brainloop will help Twitter keep people like us from getting sensitive information. Without help anyway.

The funny part about this whole story? It was all leaked.

Google+ to start challenging Facebook with cheap fees for game developers

According to a source, Google is getting ready to roll a game network into Google Plus, similar to Facebook’s games.

So if Facebook isn’t already worried about Google Plus being so popular, and launching a gaming network then how about this, Google plans to take less of the money earned away from the game developers. Google Plus will also, unlike Facebook, host games on its own servers which will make them faster and less buggy (and again cheaper for the developers.)

The Google+ code shows signs of a Google Plus gaming network, and Google has invested around 200 million dollars in popular Facebook gaming company Zynga but there is no official word about if/when a Google Plus gaming system will launch nor what it will look like.

According to our sources Google would only charge around 5% of the money earned which is a major undercut of the stander ed set by Facebook and Apple of 30%.

Code showing signs of gaming:


Jack Dorsey cleaning the house over at Twitter

As we mentioned earlier Twitter is getting a large round of funding, half of it for payouts to get rid of staffers. We now have information on who is leaving.

According to sources four key product managers are being let go from Twitter, this list includes Kevin Cheng, who was key with the “new Twitter.” Josh Elman has been key simply because he came from Facebook. The other two staffers leaving are Anamitra Banerji and Jean-Paul Cozzatti.

Twitter declined to confirm (but these reports are confirmed) on the matter and simply stated:

some people have left the company and we appreciate their contributions

The move appears to be led by Jack Dorsey who seems to be trying to remove the final parts of the original Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jason Goldman regime, who just left Twitter to get back to what Twitter originally came from, a start up called Obvious.

All of the people being removed from Twitter declined to comment.

Twitter is testing a Facebook like wall messaging feature

According to our sources Twitter is testing a Facebook-like wall posting feature, prompting users to send messages, or  @replies, to other users strait from their profile.

The feature is designed to “make it easier for users to engage with each other” on Twitter.

This feature should make it allot easier for users to respond to other users tweets and quickly get into actually having Twitter conversations.

Twitter to allow direct messaging to verified accounts without following

Well, as it it is now in order for anyone on Twitter to message anyone else on Twitter threw direct messages they have to be mutual following each other. Well, according to our sources this will change, Twitter is going to start allowing verified accounts to message people who they aren’t following.

This makes allot of sense to us because Twitter is used for several contests in which personal information is used in like adresses. The popular user will then have to follow the winner of the contest in order to message back and forth, then un follow the user once the conversation has been finished.

We don’t know if this feature is going out across the board, however it does appear that the feature is already on the Tata DOCOMO account, who tweeted:

Now to DM us all you need to do is follow @tatadocomo. No need for us to follow you first. Tested and its working.

sio.me coming to 3rd party clients, shout button

Sio.me the Shoutitout link shortening service has been having great success, as we reported. Well, we have done some digging and according to our sources Shoutitout is getting ready to expand the assess access to sio.me. It has plans to roll it out to many more beta testers (our own Pam Burlington is already one) and it also plans to roll it out to several 3rd party clients.

Shoutitout has been in talks with Seesmic and UberMedia (Twidroyd in particular) along with twitterfeed, say our sources. They also may be building auto shortening into their new mobile site, though we can’t confirm that one is just a rumor.

When added to Seesmic it would only be available on Android for the time being because only Seesmic for Android currently supports Shoutitout, same with Twidroyd because it only works on Droid. Twitterfeed would be from the web but that’s no surprise, the @admin account is already testing that one.

We have also been informed that Shoutitout plans to auto shorten links that are shared via the Shout button. They will allow you to remove this but you will need to know how to alter code without messing it up in order to do this.

We will update you with new posts if more information becomes available.

Twitter to add promoted tweets to timelines within next 2 months

We already stated our sources had informed us Twitter has intentions to add promoted tweets strait into your timeline, well we have done some digging and gotten a handful of information.

First of all the deadline for this will be 2 months, so sometime in the next two months expect this to start popping up, this is within the next 8 weeks according to several sources who have been informed on the matter.

Twitter has been courting advertisers the last few weeks assuring them that promote tweets was no test feature, it was for real. Twitter is indeed working on this feature and not by just leaving them on the sidebar or twitter.com, or on the top of search results, or even in your Hootsuite feeds. They not only intend to add them to your timeline, they plan to make them “sticky” so that they will follow you down no matter how far you scroll.

If this sounds familiar it may be because it is. Its the exact same idea as the “Quick bar” Twitter added to its iPhone app that was quickly renamed by users, the Dick bar in honor of Dick Costolo, the CEO. Twitter appears to be betting we will find the quick bar on the web far less annoying, and they’re probably right since we see banner ads on sites like Youtube and still go there everyday. Twitter has declined to comment on this story.

One thing we don’t know about is what the prices will be for these ads. Twitter plans to pull in 100 million which is a very small number compared to Facebook’s 3.5 billion in display ads alone.

We are betting there will still be a big revolt on this, we may be writing a little more about that later.

Twitter could add promoted tweets to timelines

According to our sources Twitter is considering adding promoted tweets to timelines in a Groupon local advertisement type of way.

Twitter has been testing this kind of feature on Hootsuite for a little while now and it will obviously get mixed reviews from the Twitter users but some people will not be very happy about it. Twitter also messed around with the “quick bar” which put a promoted trend on the top of its app but due to mass protest and arguments against it Twitter removed the feature.

Our source also says that Twitter is considering adding Groupon like, timed, local deals to the feature but has no farther information on that subject.

Matt Graves, a Twitter rep will neither confirm nor deny the report as he says.

We are always talking with marketers about ways they could potentially get more out of Twitter. Some of these discussed concepts may materialize; others will not.

Adam Bain has earlier stated that Twitter experement with several forms of ads including text ads, and even banner ads on Twitter Japan home page. Twitter is also said to be considering on offering company branded profile pages.

Twitter is not the only site looking for new ways to advertise. Linkedin also announced a new ad segment focusing on following and recommendations.

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