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Heello now at 1 million Pings

As we recently reported Heello had hit 500,000 Pings in less than 48 hours, now it has 1,000,000.

The site seems to be growing day by day and adding more Pings day by day as well we aren’t exactly sure how many a second/minute it is averaging but we would gess around 10 a second and 60 a minute.

This time the milestone Ping wasn’t deleted and was posted by @andinimiftaa saying: “Gue dilahirkan untuk jadi diri gue sendiri bukan jadi orang lain !” for those wondering that is Indonesian and says “I was born to be myself rather than be someone else!” if you translate it to English.

The site announced the milestone via, of course, Ping on its official Heello account says “We hit 1 million pings in 2 days!” which is an impressive stat.

The site is also closing in or may have already hit 100,000 members so hey, maybe it will give Twitter a run for its money. We will see.


Heello hits 500,000 Pings in less then 24 hours

Continuing its good start, startup Heello has hit 500,000 Pings as of around  11:49PM Pacific.

The site hasn’t Pinged about it yet most likely because it is headquarted in Charleston, South Carolina and it is alomst 3am in the morning there.

The annoying part? As far as we can tell the 500,000th Ping has been deleted. Every Ping gets a URL for example http://heello.com/p/34212 (no idea where that goes) a

nd if you go to http://heello.com/p/500000 there isn’t anything there it gives you a 404 page but http://heello.com/p/500001 says “@RisaPutri udah kok” and is posted by @devaaanDP, and 499,999 says “@salsabilaaa udah di listback. makasih ya:-)” and is posted by @Dhearizky.

We are actually pretty impressed with the sites hot start but can it keep it up or is it doomed to failure? We will find out I guess.


Instagram reaches 150 million photo uploads

Instagram’s 7 million users have now posted 150 million photos on the site at the speed of 15 per second 80% of them being filtered, this just 9 months after the app went public in the app store.

This stat means that Instagram is doing about 1.3 million photos a day and that its putting up competition against several smaller photo sharing service and is on its way to compete with the big players like Flickr, Photobucket and Facebook.

Instagram has remained in the top 25 of the app store for over a month now, this has allowed it to become a mobile social network, not just an app.

Instagram still lacks one thing, an Android app, which still hasn’t come out yet and no one has gotten any word of but Instagram has said since the start and still says it will eventually come, the question is just when will it come.

Here is the 150 millionth photo:

Shoutitout API hits 500,000 Shouts posted via

Twitter recently hit a huge milestone for its API, 1 million registered clients. Well, today Shoutitout has hit a pretty large milestone, 500,000 Shouts have been posted via the API.

The Shoutitout API went public last summer and got popular quickly. It has been growing and changing often and has had some major parties involved like Tweetdeck and Seesmic. In fact Seesmic may have bought Pingfm for the sole purpose of dominating the Shoutitout API, which they have failed to do since rival Tweetdeck (now owned by Twitter) is actually more popular than Seesmic even though Seesmic offer Shoutitout connection threw several of its clients.

The Shoutitout API is growing steady for the last year as new features role out to it slowly but surly.

We recently wondered what caused the success of the API, we learned it does over 10 million requests a day which is amazing for a API of its size so we decided we were going to track down how it was so successful. So the reason? Shoutitout teaches its less advanced at coding users how to edit the things it allow users to embed to have certain features that will take up more requests, like changing the color of the embed widgets or allowing users to login threw Shoutitout.


Happy birthday Twitter

Today (July 15th) is Twitter’s 5th birthday, well its Twitter’s 5th public birthday. The site went into privet beta in March but launched publicly today, 5 years ago.

Yes Twitter is 5 years old. What milestones did they hit to celebrate? Well today Twitter hit 35 billion things shared a day. They also fell just short of 600,000 new members daily.

Could you imagen if we told you 5 years ago that Twitter, a small site launched buy a few people who work at some music podcast service called Odeo would become a multibillion dollar company that everyone knows the name of. They also have a few hundred million members. Not to impressive right?

Happy Birthday Twitter! Thanks for giving us so much to right about!

HootSuite reaches 2 million users

Hootsuite, the social media dashboard that has been testing in feed Twitter ads for Twitter, has hit a large milestone, 2 million users.

Invoke media launched Hootsuite in 2008 and it was used by a large amount of rather important Twitter users, like The White House and SWSX.

Hootsuite hit 1 million users in November 2011 and its users have sent around 500 million messages to date.

Here is an infograph on the growth of Hootsuite. Click to enlarge it.

Shoutitout reaches 1 million photos uploaded

Shoutitout has just reached a huge milestone, 1,000,000 photos Shouted. Thats about 1 in every 7 Shouts having a photo in them. The 1,000,000th photo was posted moments ago and we were waiting for it. The site has plans for some big development in the photo department, and this is a big start to it as they try to stay ahead of Twitter, like they said they were planning to. The site is also expecting a possible record breaking night tonight with game 6 of the NBA Finals coming up, and if there is one, game 7 could be even bigger. Shoutitout has a big week ahead of its self because they’re also getting validated over the week to determine there overall value so this could be a huge week for them, good or bad, it will effect their future, allot. Expect allot of Shoutitout articles this week, almost as many as we’ve had of Twitter recently.

@willy reaches 100 subscribers

The most subscribed to/friended users (besides the auto mutually subscribed @admin) on Shoutitout has reached triple digits in subscribers.

@willy or as you may know him William Parish is by far the most subscribed to use on Shoutitout (again excluding @admin) and is followed by @ijustine but she trails by around 30 30 subscribers, though she has closed the gap some recently.

The subscription feature on Shoutitout is primary used for mobile purposes, usually when your on your phone you just want to see what your friends are up to, maybe shoot them a comment, but not get involved in a conversation. On the actual web site you have the option to view only your subscriptions (which some of the more popular users do) or you can view the public feed of the site which is displayed in default.

So @willy is the first user to get to 100 subscribers (besides @admin) wonder who will be the first to 1,000 (besides @admin again)? Guess we’ll find out.

Identica reaches 75 million notices

Failed Twitter competitor now example network of startup Statusnet, Identica, has reached a pretty decent sized milestone… 75 million notices, thats 75,000,000. The site has  been closing in on the milestone for a week now and we have been keeping our eyes on them to see when they hit it, well they did today.

The 75 millionth notice, as they call them, was posted at around 7 (pacific) this morning. The post is by “goodpolitics12” and stated “Some Illinois Public School Teachers Earning Six-Figure Salaries, But Not Many” with two links in it we won’t post here. The post was via Ping.fm which is a Seesmic owned company that we think is slowly falling to its death. It came from London but that is just a side note.

Identica goes all the way back to May 18th, 2008 when it first launched with the update of ” This is my first post.” By the user Evan, which is ironic the same first name of the primary founder of Twitter, Evan Williams (his last name is Prodromou however).

Identica hit 50 million (50,000,000) notices in September of last year, on 9/11 in fact. So if we do the math that means a little less than 100 thousand (100,000) notices a day since then, which is a decrees in between the 25 million and 50 million milestone marks. At this rate they should hit 100 million (100,000,000) notices on February 17th 2012.

Lady Gaga hits 10 million Twitter followers

Lady Gaga has reached the rather impressive number of 10 million Twitter followers. She is the first Twitter user to reach this milestone. Lady Gaga responded to this milestone with the below tweet:

Lady Gaga just added this to a list of social accomplishments including the first to reach 10 million fans on Facebook and 1 billion views on Youtube. Twitter announced its joy with this tweet:

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