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Instagram reaches 150 million photo uploads

Instagram’s 7 million users have now posted 150 million photos on the site at the speed of 15 per second 80% of them being filtered, this just 9 months after the app went public in the app store.

This stat means that Instagram is doing about 1.3 million photos a day and that its putting up competition against several smaller photo sharing service and is on its way to compete with the big players like Flickr, Photobucket and Facebook.

Instagram has remained in the top 25 of the app store for over a month now, this has allowed it to become a mobile social network, not just an app.

Instagram still lacks one thing, an Android app, which still hasn’t come out yet and no one has gotten any word of but Instagram has said since the start and still says it will eventually come, the question is just when will it come.

Here is the 150 millionth photo:


Google Plus launches iPhone app

Google+ has launched a native iPhone app officially, finally. This is Google’s description of the app:

Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

The app basically holds everything the site has to offer, its just not quite as nice of a UI. Here are screenshots:

Tumblr launches iPhone app 2.0

Tumlbr has launched version 2.0 of its iPhone app, and its completely re done, making it allot easier to post to multiple blogs.

Tumblr announced the new launch of its Tumblr staff blog saying that the app:

has been recoded, rewired, and rethought from the ground up to offer you the very best of the Tumblr experience.

Some of the changes include a new UI for checking out the blogs you follow, creating new posts and managing several blogs. This basically puts the stuff on the old app that was much harder to access within a few clicks.

Tumblr has also rolled out features not previously on the app like writing and responding to messages and the ability to join within the app. Plus you can find new contacts using your phone’s address book.

The most major change however is how easy it has gotten to change between blogs. Now it only takes a few clicks, it used to take you going deep into advanced options and picking the blog you want to post to.

If the iPhone weren’t so hard to type on this app would have everything you need to blog right on it.


What Twitter iOS 5 integration will look like

Up on Apple’s website are the first screenshots of the Twitter integration into Apple OS that was told you was coming. Fun fact: @GilbertsoLANO the account used in the screenshot, its also the account used in testing Twitter photo’s even though the twimg.com/status_photos/ twimg test link has now been changed to pic.twitter.com.

Coming out in the fall Twitter for iOS 5 will use Twitter Auth to allow you to tweet from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The Twitter integration will also play well with your iPhone contacts to fill in your friends name when your direct messaging or @replying them. It will also use your phones GPS to apply location to tweets.

This is what the new Twitter iOS 5 looks like on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone on the new upcoming Twitter app.

The picture below is an example of how the tweeting process will look via the iPhone camera. This will be included as an option on the share button on the left. This can be linked to Apple’s low wifi photo sharing.

This is what it looks like when you share a tweet with the other 3 apps with Twitter integration Youtube, Safari, and Maps. This integration will apparently use Twitter’s new photo feature along with the iPhone’s new notification system but we are hearing that its up to the individual app to designate how their notification banners will appear.

Why Twitter is moving into the Photo business

Yesterday we reported that Twitter is launching a photosharing service, which has been confirmed, but we posted earlier that we weren’t sure if they were going to announce it at the D9 conference like the report said. Well we have gotten a little more information on it now. First of all, even though this is a direct attack on services like Twitpic and yfrog, Twitter has apparently reached out to them already, a long time ago, and informed them that they were moving into the business and that they should change what their services works on (maybe why Twitpic launched videos?) also we have learned that Twitter may be using the internally used domain at twimg.com that they have been using for some time now. The one thing we would like to note is that Twitter has had some issues staying up when it upscales but Twitter plans on hosting this new photo feature with Amazon 3s servers not their own. You will reportedly be able to upload strait from Twitter and a thumbnail of the photo will be shown in your Twitter feed, then you can click on it and it will show the photo as it does now when its posted from Twitpic, yfrog, etc.

We’ve heard from sources that Twitter is also likely to have a big time partner for this service, Apple. Specifically, Apple’s new iOS 5 5 will come with the option to share images to Twitter already in the OS. This would be the same, or similar to the way you can share Youtube video’s already, like shown in the thumbnail up above.

Apple announced today that it will be showcasing and launching the new iOS 5 for the first time at WWDC next week. This is why Twitter would want a services like this, and why they would want to get it live as soon as possible. We have no word from any other major photo players like Facebook and Flickr if about possible also being added to this new part of iOS 5 but it would make since, since they already have a deal for iPhoto with these companies. We will update you as this story continues to unfold, as i’m sure it will.

Shoutitout starts redirecting iPhone users to new mobile site

Moments ago Shoutitout started redirecting i ts iPhone users to its brand new HTML5 mobile site that we have been waiting to get a good look at. The site has an events page, view your profile page, and it even allows you to check-in. The site also has some features the old mobile site did not, like forwarding to Twitter and Facebook and login via them as well. Plus you can join from this mobile site as if you are using the web to join. The @shoutitoutmobile account Shouted moments ago that this was coming and we immanently checked it out. Something else that has been upgraded is the way photos are shown, this has become big on Shoutitout as there are a little more than 800,000 photos on Shoutitout and this feature has erupted since the death of Osama Ben Ladin. The new mobile site is also loaded with features like refresh button that the app has had for a while but the mobile site has not. You can still use the old mobile site if you wish according to Shoutitout, and it will not work at the moment for all iPhone and iPods but should within the next few days. Shoutitout has made the news today as well, it looked like today would be all Twitter. Guess we were wrong.

Tweetie officially no longer supports Shoutitout

Although its been almost a year since Tweetie stopped working on Shoutitout/since Twitter bought it today Shoutitout and Twitter announced officially that Twitter for iPhone will no longer support Shoutitout, neither will the Mac application. We’ve seen this coming and both sites are just casually announcing it like it was just a normal little meeting, but our sources say otherwise. Shoutitout is known for getting in company fights with very large internet companies and winning like Myspace. This one doesn’t seem like Shoutitout will win though because its a battle of money, and all though Shoutitout isn’t broke… Twitter is rich. Tweetie was the second most popular iPhone/iPod touch application so it did hurt Shoutitout when they stopped support Shoutitout. Now Twitter is in talks to buy Tweetdeck for 50 million and UberMedia is also going after it for 35 million. Well UberMedia owns Ubersocial and Twidroyd which still support Shoutitout so Shoutitout should be fine with that, but Tweetdeck is extremely popular on Shoutitout and is actually more used than the actual site is in the UK so if Tweetdeck takes support away from Shoutitout that will hurt their API, which has grown allot recently, massively. Shoutitout will somehow try and keep this from happening but this looks like a Twitter win from here. We will see though.

Tweetdeck revamps iPhone app

Tweetdeck has just launched a revamped Version 2.0 of its iPhone app. It has all the old features and some very nice brand new ones. It has taken “months of feverish work” to complete the app. This app isn’t just an major update however, it is a complete new app… the other apps have been removed from the app store but you need to go to the app store and search Tweetdeck to get this new app. Or just go here. A revamped iPad app is on its way as Tweetdeck spreads it new app but should take a few weeks to finish developing. The app allows extremely high tech column blending like mixing your Facebook news feed with your Foursquare check-ins and a Twitter list. It also has full support for Deck.ly which has been on Chrome, Android, and Desktop for a while now. Deck.ly is a branded unlimited length tweet services (like Twitlonger) but this is something interesting because we are told that Deck.ly is the kind of service Twitter hates the most and would do away with if it bought Tweetdeck. This video shows the new app:

When is Instagram coming to Android?

Instagram is becoming a mainstream site with companies like Starbucks beginning to use it, but when is it going to get an Android app? Picplz, the sites largest competitor, is beginning to close in slowly, though it is still only 1/7th the size. Picplz has recently completely redesigned its apps and site and companies are beginning to notice it as well. A good example would be Youtube, though they don’t use Picplz often they do use it more than they do Isntagram. I’m expecting Picplz to maybe become the first site (excluding Facebook Myspace) to start afterwards on a new idea and end up becoming more popular than the original, this is a big prediction but without more platforms hosting Instagram it has less room to grow and Android is on its way to passing the iPhone though the new iPod touch will help expand Instagram for a while. Instagram does have a 3rd party app that lets you view photos that are popular but it doesn’t let you upload them which is what Android users are waiting for.

Shoutitout shows preview of new app

Shoutitout has just Shouted a picture of the, what we think is, homepage on the new app for the site. The Shout is embedded below. Shoutitout announced the new apps a few months ago and this is the most we have heard since then so all we can assume is that their about to start some type of testing since the app seems mostly complete. The app is complete with the ability to Shout, view all activity, Checkin, send and read messages, something titled “users” which we aren’t sure what that is, search, view your profile, and the awaited events feature. It also is equipped with the notifications feature Shoutitout recently launched. We have emailed Shoutitout and they have told us that a blog post with more preview pictures and information should be out sometime in the next few days and to stay tuned for more.


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