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Heello launches video

Heello has just launched video uploading to its Twitter competitor, making the second major difference between it and Twitter.

The site announced the feature today, you can upload a video by hitting the camera button and selecting the video you want to upload, basically the same was as you upload a photo except it shows up in video format.

The video is put in a very simple customized Heello video player, the only thing I don’t like about this feature is that when you opt to view the video full screen it only covers the web browser and not the whole screen so you can’t see the whole full screen, other than this it is a pretty nice feature.

No word yet on time limits for videos but my question is how much server space is this going to take up because Heello already had to cut its public timeline feature due to high capacity.


Qaiku integrates Twitter

Qaiku a very small Twitter/Shoutitout/Plurk competitor has pulled in some heavy Twitter integration. The site now allows you to add your entire Twitter stream to your account a view it via a “Twitter” tab, you can also forward to Twitter your Pulses as they are called.

There is a “Share” tab that drops down along with several other tabs when you start to type a Pulse, the other tabs are mostly attachments, but the “Share” tab is the one it goes to by default.

You can also forward Pulses to Facebook but you can’t view your Facebook feed on the site.

Qaiku has had allot of issue growing and supporting itself recently because of new hot startups like Shoutitout and Google+ sucking in all the attention. Plus now with the launch of Heello, Qaiku is going to have to roll out some really nice stuff in order to have a chance of survival.

For those of you who noticed the similarity of Jaiku and Qaiku, it is basically a clone.

Twitter’s Wall like feature comes out to all

Twitter is rolling out allot of new stuff this week, and they are continuing to do so. Today Twitter’s wall like mentioning  feature, that we reported was coming awhile ago, is coming to all.

Right now it looks like the users with a smaller number of followers are getting the feature first, then it is spreading to the more popular users in a pretty quick roll out.

This is a feature to encourage conversation on the network and really it should have been there a long time ago because it’s simple enough but extremely useful.

Yes, this is allot like Facebook’s wall posting feature but unlike Facebook it will not appear on the users Twitter profile page, it will just go to the feed like every other tweet does and all mentions do now.

Twitter is probably testing allot more features in the name of engagement as you read this since Twitter’s new approach seems to be to get users more engaged.

Google+ adds games, away goes our Google+ coverage

Google+ has just added a games feature that includes Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and Zynga Poker. Cityville and Farmville to come at a later date. The fact that Zynga is on board is interesting since Zynga sued, and won a lawsuit against a Google owned social network Orkut earlier this month.

You may recall the Google made some gaming investments and some people knew Google+ games was coming. Well we aren’t going to be covering Google+ as much anymore because of it. In till now Google+ was considered by us as an advanced microblog, besides the circle feature which as you may notice we never covered. Since they have added games they head towards the subject of social network like Facebook and Myspace so we will only be covering stuff like upgrades to +1 and stats on how many posts there are. Stuff like that, not everything on Google+.

Here is what Google has to say about Google+ games:

Today we’re adding games to Google+. With the Google+ project, we want to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web. But sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.

And here is how it works with Google+:

When you’re ready to play, the Games page is waiting—click the games button at the top of your stream. You can see the latest game updates from your circles, browse the invites you’ve received and check out games that people you know have played recently. The Games page is also where your game accomplishments will appear. So you can comfortably share your latest high score—your circles will only see the updates when they’re interested in playing games too.

Most importantly Google says this:

If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about.

Google says to check out their new Google+ “Platform blog” here.

Google also says the games roll out will be gradual and it starts today for some users.

Preview of Google+ games:

Twitter launches Show Me More

Since it launched back in 2006, Twitter has been basically the same thing on everything. Strait timelines with just words and a username. Today that changes.

First of all the tab @Mentions on Twitter is being replaced with the tabs @USERNAME and Activity. These two new stems are designed to show what is going on around these tweets or whatever appears in these timelines.

The @USERNAME tab (obviously replaced with your username) will show your replies, but it will also show things like when someone follows you, when someone Retweets you or favorites your Shout. It’s an very similar concept to Shoutitout’s notifications if you are familiar with them.

The Activity stream shows the same things, but for other people. For example if someone who I am following retweets something it will show up there.

This could change Twitter is a large way. While Favoriting tweets has been around since the site launched, it is rarely used on any site (which is why Shoutitout switched to the like button.)

But Twitter has decided to take this path and hope to increase the amount this feature is used along with other features so that your connections can see what you are interested in.

Twitter will roll out these changes to a very small group of users today, then slowly rolling out to everyone else over the next few weeks if everything goes according to plan.

For now this will only be on twitter.com. Twitter is drawing up ways to put this on mobile devices but notes it could be very different if it ever comes.

This is what the feature looks like:


Twitter rolls out photo sharing to everyone, now it gets interesting

Twitter has just announced it has rolled out its new built in photo sharing service to everyone on the site. This makes things allot more interesting.

The site has allowed some of its users access to the new feature but not a large amount in till today when everyone got the message that they now have access to the photo sharing service which should reboot a highly anticipated feature which was already starting to become unused.

The reason this makes things interesting is because what will it do to Twitpic, Mobypicture, yFrog, etc. Also can Twitter catch up with Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Shoutitout etc…?

Right now Twitter gets about 1 photo for ever 10,000 Facebook photos, 2,000 Flickr photos, 5 Instgram photos, and 3 Shoutitout photos but this will grow that number largely and cut into that stat by allot.

Or the other thing, no one will use it and will keep supporting Twitpic in till Twitter just blows it off and it stays out there but is almost never used, which has happened often with other sites, but isn’t a usual around Twitter.

We will keep you updated in different posts if any other popular photo sharing service respond to this.

What a photo looks like after it is tweeted:

Video explaining Twitter photos:

Facebook adds Topic Groups to News Feed

Facebook has launched a new feature that groups status updates by topics to help better organize your News Feed.

Now, if your friends post something similar like, going to see Harry Potter, Facebook will group these updates into a group in your News Feed.

You may notice some of your news feed stories are now grouped together by topic, We want to show you the most relevant and interesting information, and this test is designed to show you trends among what your friends are saying.

Said Facebook earlier today in a caption to a photo on the Facebook fanpage.

As with any Facebook change allot users don’t like this, but this new feature seems to be getting slightly more negative comments then usual.

This is similar to what Facebook has doing with wall posts, like happy birthday wishes.

Preview of the feature:

Old Twitter is now officially gone forever

R.I.P Old Twitter, you will be missed, a little. Long live New Twitter!

That is right, Twitter has force changed all the people who still used the old Twitter to their new interface, commonly called New Twitter even though it is more than a year old.

Twitter announced this via tweet from @twitter that said:

New Twitter rollout: complete! All users now have the same Twitter.com experience & can access our latest features. http://t.co/8dfSGdV

Users can no longer use the old version of the site though I have the feeling it hasn’t been fully removed and someone may find it somewhere on Twitter database.

If you have been using the old Twitter and want to find out what New Twitter is all about this is Twitter’s official description video.

Seesmic gets a Flickr plugin

As you may know Seesmic has a gallery of Plugins for its desktop app that you can use, now they add one more big one: Flickr.

Seesmic announced this launch with a tweet containing a link to a blog post about the Flickr add-on and according to them its very slick.

I don’t use Seesmic but its a pretty cool looking add-on that has a full list of Flickr contacts and new photos, as well as a “My photos” feed, like a timeline.

The feeds are in timeline form with 3 divisions, each photo has the ability to add to set, get info, add to group and add a tag. You can also comment.

This could become a very popular client on Seesmic, aside from Twitter, Facebook and their 3rd party services it could become a very popular one.

Screen shout of the plugin:

Google+ gets a feature update center

In response to heavy user feedback Google Plus has launched a feature update center.

This new “Whats new on Google+” section is basically a feed of new features and updates on Google Plus (most including videos). The posts are somewhat long but not to carried out.

The posts include the Youtube video explaining the feature, a text description, sometimes photos and a link to the post originally announcing the feature.

This is a nice add on but it would be nice of Google would create a Google Plus blog and allow users to use Google Reader to follow it and get push updates, however this is a start.

Here is a video explaining the new feature blog:

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