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Lady Gaga gets a Tumblr

So we just announced some really good news for Tumblr, and now we have some almost as great. Lady Gaga has joined Tumblr.

The account launched Monday night and the posts are already receiving likes in the thousands, which isn’t a surprise it seems Lady Gaga takes over every social network she joins.

Tumblr has recently made it easier for users to share their music with a Soundcloud partnership and it is turning into a way for artists to promote there work.


Lady Gaga hits 10 million Twitter followers

Lady Gaga has reached the rather impressive number of 10 million Twitter followers. She is the first Twitter user to reach this milestone. Lady Gaga responded to this milestone with the below tweet:

Lady Gaga just added this to a list of social accomplishments including the first to reach 10 million fans on Facebook and 1 billion views on Youtube. Twitter announced its joy with this tweet:

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