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Google adds Google+ to social search… shocker

In a move that was really obviously coming, Google has announced it is going to integrate Google+ posts into its social search feature. This means any public Google+ post will now appear in Google’s search results.

It is the same thing as the social search on Twitter for example, whenever someone shares a link on Google+ it will show underneath the link that they shared it on Google+, pretty simple stuff.

Google plans to roll this into Google social search over the next few days and even have it rank better than if it is shared on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, whatever.

This is what the search results look like if it is posted via Google+:


Mobypicture adds Google+ support

For the record we are covering this story because it makes no sense.

Mobypicture, a photo sharing service that allows you to post photos to Twitter, Facebook and several others that other sites don’t have, which seems to be its one uniqueness, has added support to posting pictures to Google+. Yes Google+ a site with Photo Albums.

According to Mobypicture this is just aan experement since they do not have access to the Google+ privet development API that very few have gotten access to, they also say they used a (most likely illegal) work around. By illegal we just mean against Google+’s terms, which could lead to eventually banishment and disabling of the feature.

Anyway, Mobypicture is very excited about the launch of this feature and has sent out several tweets tell people to spread the word that the feature has come.

The feature is in Mobypicture “Labs” and you must go to a special URL to use it. So allot of people want use it at first and I still personally think it will be suspended within the week since Google+ hasn’t been to kind to anyone (mostly Techcrunch) with terms of service violations.

This is how the picture posted threw Mobypicture will look in your timeline.


Google+ adds games, away goes our Google+ coverage

Google+ has just added a games feature that includes Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and Zynga Poker. Cityville and Farmville to come at a later date. The fact that Zynga is on board is interesting since Zynga sued, and won a lawsuit against a Google owned social network Orkut earlier this month.

You may recall the Google made some gaming investments and some people knew Google+ games was coming. Well we aren’t going to be covering Google+ as much anymore because of it. In till now Google+ was considered by us as an advanced microblog, besides the circle feature which as you may notice we never covered. Since they have added games they head towards the subject of social network like Facebook and Myspace so we will only be covering stuff like upgrades to +1 and stats on how many posts there are. Stuff like that, not everything on Google+.

Here is what Google has to say about Google+ games:

Today we’re adding games to Google+. With the Google+ project, we want to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web. But sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.

And here is how it works with Google+:

When you’re ready to play, the Games page is waiting—click the games button at the top of your stream. You can see the latest game updates from your circles, browse the invites you’ve received and check out games that people you know have played recently. The Games page is also where your game accomplishments will appear. So you can comfortably share your latest high score—your circles will only see the updates when they’re interested in playing games too.

Most importantly Google says this:

If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about.

Google says to check out their new Google+ “Platform blog” here.

Google also says the games roll out will be gradual and it starts today for some users.

Preview of Google+ games:

Google+ gets a 3rd party Mac app

Sully Taylor, Creative Director for Teens in Tech, has built a 3rd party Mac app for Google+ and it just went live.

The app is pretty simple and has every feature and is basically the actual web browser ported onto your computer.

This is interesting because Taylor says next week he has big plans for the app but wanted to go ahead and get something out there. We aren’t exactly sure what these “big plans” are yet but we are investigating.

The new app requires Mac OS X and Google Chrome but some users are reporting issues downloading it with Lion, I am using Lion and not having issues however.

Taylor is a member of the Google+ development program, basically a currently privet API, which he will use to make major changes to the Mac app.

The one noticeable problem so far as that there really isn’t a way back if you click a link that makes you leave Google+ , but every app has its issues.

The app also has push notifications to remind you to check Google+ as much as possible if you are an addict like some (me *Cough*).

Here is a preview of the main page of the app:

Let the war begin

Well first of all we’d like to say told you.

We haven’t been posting in the last 2 days and you have the right to know why, we have been digging, lots.

Basically we knew something was coming in microblogging and sites competing with all of their resources to get the most out of their advertising programs, well today it gets ugly.

We are just going to make a list of our sources at 4 very powerful microblogging sites.

Twitter: Twitter, gotta love Twitter. To bad today they started “operation elimination” as they’re calling it, the sole mission of it being, do whatever it takes to find out Shoutitout’s plans for advertising, it also says that they will do whatever it takes to crush every other microblogs advertising plans

Plurk: Plurk runs Asia so basically they want to run advertising of Asia, right now they use Google Adwords but they plan to start making it so you can sign up strait from Plurk. I’m sure Twitter will have something to say about this for sure and we are sure some other sites will as well.

Google+: Sorry, but it will come eventually, Google+ does have very undeveloped plans to start advertising in a few months/years. We don’t have that much information about them but they plan to take over this department of advertising, like Google always does.

Shoutitout: Our sources don’t know much about their plans for advertising just that http://brand.myshoutitout.com has something to do with it. What we do know is they are working to compete across the board and they may have the best chance of giving Twitter a run, even though Google+ has better resources their plans are much less developed so it will take them awhile. Shoutitout on the other hand is almost ready to start testing. Also, to make things worse they are about to launch something directly targeted at Twitter, we have been asked by our source not to tell what it is since he has put allot of work into it but boy, it will toss things up for sure.

So as you can see its getting ugly, and tensions are rising all across the web right now. We could have a future of lots of high scale arguments, userbases of sites planning hack wars against other userbases and lawsuits all over.

Google+ gets a feature update center

In response to heavy user feedback Google Plus has launched a feature update center.

This new “Whats new on Google+” section is basically a feed of new features and updates on Google Plus (most including videos). The posts are somewhat long but not to carried out.

The posts include the Youtube video explaining the feature, a text description, sometimes photos and a link to the post originally announcing the feature.

This is a nice add on but it would be nice of Google would create a Google Plus blog and allow users to use Google Reader to follow it and get push updates, however this is a start.

Here is a video explaining the new feature blog:

Google+ traffic begins to fall

Google+ may be on the road to the fate of Google Buzz, Wave, and other failed social networking attempts. NOTE: They are far from this but a start has come.

According to a recent report Google+’s time spent on site and views have cut down dramatically. The time on site dropped about 10% from 5 minutes and 50 seconds to 5 minutes and 15 seconds, the amount of visitors declined in the US for the week by about 3% to 1.79 million.

It is important to note that Google Plus just hit 20 million users, launched an iPhone app, and a bunch of other news. It is also far from dying off but this has always been the Google way, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Google Plus became the next Google social fail project.

Plusroulette is Google Hangouts + Chatroulette

Part of Google’s new social networking platform is Google Hangouts, a video chatting feature that lets you communicate with up top 10 people at once, you can even share things like a Youtube video in the chat and everyone can talk about it while watching.

So it was only a time till someone tried it use this feature to create a video like chatting service similar to viral Chatroulette, ergo here comes PlusRoulette.

This new site takes advantage, and makes it easier to find and create public chat hangouts which are allowed but you have to list them, with this it auto makes and lists then and your name is associated with the Google Plus hangout so it solves the penis problem, till the fake accounts start coming anyway, which actually makes this a good idea.

Google Plus hates brands, mostly Techcrunch

Google started banning people who had made brand accounts on Google Plus today because it said that it was for people only right now and only a few brands were being allowed on.

Well, Techcrunch was one of the sites whose brand account was removed, but they quickly discovered that other companies like Mashable were simply putting the brand account in a persons name so they did the same thing with Techathew Cruncherin “their newest employee.” Google Plus didn’t like this.

This new account was up for a few hours but then Google Plus took a dislike and removed the account after Techcrunch posted this on its blog:

Earlier today, Google started banning brandswho had signed up for Google+ profiles when they weren’t supposed to. Some were outraged by this, but the truth is that Google has said from the beginning that Google+ was meant for real people only for now, and that brand/company support would be coming. This is why TechCrunch hasn’t set up a Google+ account. Google asked us to wait. So, we waited.

Like total schmucks.

Turns out, Google is actually just fine with letting those brands/companies keep the accounts they set up, as long as a person is assigned to the account. Or something. Further, they’re now re-thinking the whole brand thing in general.

In other words, they totally screwed us over. We sat around like idiots twiddling our thumbs while our competitors set up Google+ accounts for their news feeds. And in some cases, they gained tens of thousands — or hundreds of thousands of followers. As I’ve explained before, Google+ is already a meaningful driver of traffic to sites that utilize it. And the service continues to grow, seemingly by the millions, each day.

We’d be the first to admit that without Twitter’s SUL (suggested user list), we wouldn’t get nearly the traffic that we do from Twitter. And actually, when we were removed from the SUL (post-Twittergate), our numbers took a hit. Essentially, Google has just left us off their own SUL for Google+ by telling us we couldn’t make an account, while giving our competitors tons of traffic and followers, and then granting them amnesty for breaking the rules.

“Frankly, the entire thing is a mess,” Danny Sullivan writes. He goes on to further trash this jackasseryhere and here. In my view, it’s actually worse than jackassery.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. Make an account!

As per Google’s very, very clear rules, someone has to run it, so we’ve hired someone! Meet Techathew Cruncherin, our newest employee. He’s shy, so you may not see him around much, but he lives here at TechCrunch headquarters. Under a desk. He’s an awesome guy. And he lives for Google+. Loves it. Shares the shit out of our TechCrunch posts. It’s awesome.

So, do us (and yourselves) a favor and follow Techathew. He’ll regularly send out our best posts for you to read, comment, and enjoy.

We left the links in.

Techcrunch has since updated the blog post with this:

Update: Google just took a bat to the knees of Techathew.

So either Google really doesn’t like brands, or really doesn’t like Techcrunch.

Google+ to start challenging Facebook with cheap fees for game developers

According to a source, Google is getting ready to roll a game network into Google Plus, similar to Facebook’s games.

So if Facebook isn’t already worried about Google Plus being so popular, and launching a gaming network then how about this, Google plans to take less of the money earned away from the game developers. Google Plus will also, unlike Facebook, host games on its own servers which will make them faster and less buggy (and again cheaper for the developers.)

The Google+ code shows signs of a Google Plus gaming network, and Google has invested around 200 million dollars in popular Facebook gaming company Zynga but there is no official word about if/when a Google Plus gaming system will launch nor what it will look like.

According to our sources Google would only charge around 5% of the money earned which is a major undercut of the stander ed set by Facebook and Apple of 30%.

Code showing signs of gaming:


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