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Hacking group Web-Bashers to launch attack on Shoutitout

Popular hacking group Web-Bashers says that it has plans to launch a hack attack on the somewhat popular social network Shoutitout on Monday.

The group published a video to Youtube under the account siobashers, there are no other videos on this account at this time. They also made a Shoutitout account @operationobliteration, but that account has since been removed from Shoutitout.

We reached out to Shoutitout for comment but they are yet to respond, Net-Bashers is yet to say why they plan on hacking into, and keeping Shoutitout down for 5 days but they do indeed plan to and they are a dangerous group that has had large successes taking down sites of all sizes.

Shoutitout would be this hacking groups largest, most well known attack so allot is riding on this for the hacking group as well. We will see how things go and keep our eyes on Shoutitout at 1am eastern time on Monday.

Here is the video:


Shoutitout launches Mac app, plans to launch Windows as well

Shoutitout has just announced via blogpost, Shout by @admin and Shout by their new account @siodesktop that they have official launched a Mac app. They also say in the blog post that they have plans to launch other desktop applications as well in the future but don’t have an estimated time yet.

The site has launched a full landing page for the app at http://mac.myshoutitout.info, we don’t now at this time where the Windows app would be located but they probably do.

The app is built around HTML5 and a browser implant, it also has multitasking windows and allows you to add your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace profiles.

The app has almost everything the site does except the fact that it doesn’t have the ability to post a video, or attach a link which is why it gives you access to sio.me.

The app has gotten positive feedback but remember it just launched so the bugs haven’t been found yet.

This comes at a good time for Shoutitout. Twitter has been busy all week and Google+ got a 3rd party Mac app this week as well so it is a great way to say “Hey, we’re still here.”



Youtube joins Shoutitout after Shoutitout announces video milestone

Youtube has just joined Shoutitout under the nickname @youtube, this coming just hours after Shoutitout had announced that over 5 years of playing time in video had been Shouted.

For those who don’t know Shoutitout only allows you to Shout videos that are posted on other sites, they only allow 3 other sites Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe.

Shoutitout has also partnered with Vimeo to allow you to upload videos to Vimeo without leaving Shoutitout. They tried to do the same thing with Youtube and Metacafe but the sites couldn’t come to a agreement so they went ahead with just Vimeo.

Well, today Shoutitout announced this milestone of 5 years of video playing time, it was also rumored that Vimeo was catching up in playing time and amount of videos posted, so Youtube decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a Shoutitout account.

Shoutitout has several popular Youtubers on it so Vimeo could perhaps pull them in somehow but Youtube wanted none of that so they made a Shoutitout account, say our sources.

The account hasn’t gotten much attention yet but has only Shouted once and has picked up a badge, plus it is friends with 2 of Shoutitout’s top 5 users already so that is a solid start.

As for Shoutitout stats we have a little more than what they announced. First of all around 3 years of the video are from Youtube, around 1 and say, 9 months is from Vimeo and around 3 months is from Metacafe. There are around 11,000 Youtube videos posted on Shoutitout, around 9,000 Vimeo videos and around 1,ooo Metacafe. Vimeo used to be around 10,000 behind Youtube but has really cut into that since the partnership.

We are also starting to wonder, maybe Youtube will start talking with Shoutitout about the terms of that partnership again to stop Vimeo from getting any more ground on them threw Shoutitout. Anyway this is a pretty high profile signup for Shoutitout.

Shoutitout grows almost 20% in one day

Shoutitout had a pretty good day yesterday. More than pretty good, more like an amazing day.

The site grew almost 20% in just one 24 hour period soaring up nearly 100 members which is something that hasn’t happened on the site, ever.

Shoutitout expects to have several more days, not this size, but pretty big in the next few days as well which should grow them past 700 members before the school year gets started (which is what they are aiming for.)

Shoutitout announced this via a Shout by @admin saying this exactly:

You could say we had a good day yesterday

The Shout is yet to get any comments or likes, most likely because it is currently 1am on the east cost which is where allot of Shoutitout’s userbase is, but it will slowly gather attention for sure.

The site seems pretty excited about the sudden extreme growth, but really it isn’t to sudden since the site has had several large days recently and also several amazing days with the amount of Shouts then the site really should be expecting this.

This is also why the site recently moved to the Amazon cloud, in fact they might be the site using the cloud the best since it didn’t crash along with Instagram, Foursquare and others last night.

Shoutitout seems to be the only site that learned from the last Amazon downtime

As we just reported Instagram, and a large portion of the rest of the internet, just had around a 40 minute downtime because the Amazon cloud went down. The question? Why hasn’t anyone learned that this kind of thing can happen?

Back in April a similar issue arose but it was a much larger downtime. This downtime took with it 100s of sites, and has done so again today.

As far as I can tell only 3 sites even took notice of the last downtime and picked up servers in more than one region to avoid it again, and only one set up auto backup servers that aren’t even hosted on Amazon (this site being Shoutitout).

If you search for “Downtime” on Twitter you will see several sites apologizing for their current downtime issues. These sites include Instagram, Foursquare and Netflix’s entire system.

You can also notice that sites like Reddit and Quora didn’t stay down long because they bought servers in other regions, but it took them awhile to switch over.

Meanwhile, Shoutitout auto switched to their very own server located in England (not the best place to be right now however). The only reason Shoutitout isn’t already hosted on this server is that it isn’t big enough yet, they are still building it up.

Shoutitout was still effected though, the site was 10 times slower than usual and occasionally wouldn’t load. It also had a major increase in 500 errors and glitches came up all over the site.

Let the war begin

Well first of all we’d like to say told you.

We haven’t been posting in the last 2 days and you have the right to know why, we have been digging, lots.

Basically we knew something was coming in microblogging and sites competing with all of their resources to get the most out of their advertising programs, well today it gets ugly.

We are just going to make a list of our sources at 4 very powerful microblogging sites.

Twitter: Twitter, gotta love Twitter. To bad today they started “operation elimination” as they’re calling it, the sole mission of it being, do whatever it takes to find out Shoutitout’s plans for advertising, it also says that they will do whatever it takes to crush every other microblogs advertising plans

Plurk: Plurk runs Asia so basically they want to run advertising of Asia, right now they use Google Adwords but they plan to start making it so you can sign up strait from Plurk. I’m sure Twitter will have something to say about this for sure and we are sure some other sites will as well.

Google+: Sorry, but it will come eventually, Google+ does have very undeveloped plans to start advertising in a few months/years. We don’t have that much information about them but they plan to take over this department of advertising, like Google always does.

Shoutitout: Our sources don’t know much about their plans for advertising just that http://brand.myshoutitout.com has something to do with it. What we do know is they are working to compete across the board and they may have the best chance of giving Twitter a run, even though Google+ has better resources their plans are much less developed so it will take them awhile. Shoutitout on the other hand is almost ready to start testing. Also, to make things worse they are about to launch something directly targeted at Twitter, we have been asked by our source not to tell what it is since he has put allot of work into it but boy, it will toss things up for sure.

So as you can see its getting ugly, and tensions are rising all across the web right now. We could have a future of lots of high scale arguments, userbases of sites planning hack wars against other userbases and lawsuits all over.

Shoutitout Brands is “Coming soon”

Even though we have no idea what it is exactly yet. Shoutitout Brands is “Coming soon” says the start page anyway.

The page at the URL http://brand.myshoutitout.com/ now is a “Coming soon” newsletter signup page that so many startups are using now a days. You can also subscribe to an RSS of the updates without giving Shoutitout your email.

The page says this:

We are still building this page but it will be here soon! If you want to know when it will be here just enter your email in the box provided!

But you can check it out and signup for yourself.

As far as we can tell this is the only thing currently hosted on this server because when we indexed the site to see what else Shoutitout had, we didn’t find anything at all, besides this page. As far as we can tell Shoutitout has set up 2 servers so far for this and one has the actual site on it the other is just this signup page.

http://sio.me/siobrands/ also redirects to this page for now which we assume will be some kind of brand portal but we really don’t know exactly what it is and Shoutitout is still saying “No Comment” we do, however, have some information from Twitter. They want the information about Shoutitout’s brand plans very badly, they are even willing to pay for it if we find it out. So this is getting really interesting, we will keep digging and keep you updated!

You can read our previous coverage on this topic here.

Why Shoutitout blocked Twitterfeed

According to what we have been able to found out there are two reasons that Twitterfeed has been ban from Shoutitout’s API, or temporarily suspended anyway.

Apparently someone sent a DMCA report on Twitterfeed to Shoutitout, which was later proven, and caused Shoutitout to remove Twitterfeed. We are still investigating and will update this post when we find out who sent the DMCA request to Shoutitout.

The second reason is “Producing unnecessary material or content” according to our sources that basically translates to spam. We are trying to find out what accounts have been producing this spam exactly.

Twitterfeed said this on the topic:

We are aware of the issues we are being accused of and have emailed Shoutitout with more information. We are not at liberty and have no intention of saying anymore.

That translates to Twitterfeed knows exactly what they did wrong, they just don’t want to, or have been told not to say.

They also said this:

We are already working with all the involved parties to fix the issues and hope that we can restore service to Shoutitout as soon as possible, meanwhile you can use Hellotxt to forward to Shoutitout.

This translates to it may be awhile, since they’re recommending Hellotxt, another service, also that there are more than just Shoutitout and Twitterfeed involved since they said “the involved parties” we will try and find out this information as well, this may take another post.

How will Shoutitout deal with brands?

This week has, without a doubt, brought up the question of how Shoutitout can be used for brand promotion and how they will deal with brands.

So far this week 3 new brands have entered the Shoutoverse, @tacobell, @redbull and recently @mtn_dew. Its also important to note that @Pepsi has been around for awhile.

So far without a doubt of the 3 @redbull got the biggest welcome, which is why we wrote about them. But @tacobell got allot of welcomes and @mtn_dew is already climbing up the subscription poll.

So this is bringing up the question, how is Shoutitout going to react with brands? So far the answer seems very well. Shoutitout’s users seem excited to have brands on the site advertising their products and what brands tend to do on social networks. The real question is, what about when these brands start advertising?

Shoutitout is, without a doubt, working on some type of advertising program but it is on a strict lock down from most of the Shoutitout staff otherwise we would have something on it other than that it exists. We think the reason they are being so secretive is because microblog advertising competition is starting to heat up, and most people think that Shoutitout has the best shot of competing with Twitter.

We are wondering how Shoutitout’s users are going to react to this so we got in touch with 10 random ones. They all seemed fine with it as long as its what they want, which according to the poll Shoutitout did is a sidebar ad.

We have also been doing some digging and discovered a little information. First of all @siobrands has been registered and is currently subscribed to all the brands on Shoutitout and every account related to Shoutitout or its staff. @willy is also subscribed to it which confirms its a legitimate account.

Something else we found was that the URL http://brands.myshoutitout.com and the URL http://static.a.brands.myshoutitout.com/ have been activated, even though both redirect to a cannot be found page at the moment. We contacted Shoutitout about these finding but they replied with the simple “No Comment” so we really can’t be sure what these are for at the moment, all we can tell you is that SOMETHING is coming, and boy isn’t Twitter wanting to get their hands on what it is (say our sources anyway).

Shoutitout suspends Twitterfeed

Popular 3rd party application Twitterfeed has been suspended from Shoutitout by Shoutitout for terms of service violations.

We reached out to both companies on this subject, Shoutitout said they had no comment but Twitterfeed told us this:

We received a notification that our service had been suspended via the email we have signed up for the Shoutitout API with. We have replied to this email in order to find out exactly what we have done wrong. We will work to return our service to Shoutitout as soon as possible.

For the moment we have no clue what exactly Twitterfeed did that gave Shoutitout a reason to suspend it but it is most likely big since Twitterfeed is one of the most popular 3rd party applications on Shoutitout.

Popular accounts that used Twitterfeed have already discovered a loophole in the suspension. You can set up your Hellotxt account to your Shoutitout, then forward your Twitterfeed posts to Hellotxt, then to Shoutitout. @CNN has already done this if you need an example.

The only words we have gotten from Shoutitout is a Shout by @shoutitoutapi moments ago saying:

The 3rd party application twitterfeed has been suspend indefinitely for TOS violations

Reports have said that the Twitterfeed application stopped working around 4 pacific time. We will update you in another post once we get more information.

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