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Qaiku integrates Twitter

Qaiku a very small Twitter/Shoutitout/Plurk competitor has pulled in some heavy Twitter integration. The site now allows you to add your entire Twitter stream to your account a view it via a “Twitter” tab, you can also forward to Twitter your Pulses as they are called.

There is a “Share” tab that drops down along with several other tabs when you start to type a Pulse, the other tabs are mostly attachments, but the “Share” tab is the one it goes to by default.

You can also forward Pulses to Facebook but you can’t view your Facebook feed on the site.

Qaiku has had allot of issue growing and supporting itself recently because of new hot startups like Shoutitout and Google+ sucking in all the attention. Plus now with the launch of Heello, Qaiku is going to have to roll out some really nice stuff in order to have a chance of survival.

For those of you who noticed the similarity of Jaiku and Qaiku, it is basically a clone.


Twitter launches Show Me More

Since it launched back in 2006, Twitter has been basically the same thing on everything. Strait timelines with just words and a username. Today that changes.

First of all the tab @Mentions on Twitter is being replaced with the tabs @USERNAME and Activity. These two new stems are designed to show what is going on around these tweets or whatever appears in these timelines.

The @USERNAME tab (obviously replaced with your username) will show your replies, but it will also show things like when someone follows you, when someone Retweets you or favorites your Shout. It’s an very similar concept to Shoutitout’s notifications if you are familiar with them.

The Activity stream shows the same things, but for other people. For example if someone who I am following retweets something it will show up there.

This could change Twitter is a large way. While Favoriting tweets has been around since the site launched, it is rarely used on any site (which is why Shoutitout switched to the like button.)

But Twitter has decided to take this path and hope to increase the amount this feature is used along with other features so that your connections can see what you are interested in.

Twitter will roll out these changes to a very small group of users today, then slowly rolling out to everyone else over the next few weeks if everything goes according to plan.

For now this will only be on twitter.com. Twitter is drawing up ways to put this on mobile devices but notes it could be very different if it ever comes.

This is what the feature looks like:


Facebook adds Topic Groups to News Feed

Facebook has launched a new feature that groups status updates by topics to help better organize your News Feed.

Now, if your friends post something similar like, going to see Harry Potter, Facebook will group these updates into a group in your News Feed.

You may notice some of your news feed stories are now grouped together by topic, We want to show you the most relevant and interesting information, and this test is designed to show you trends among what your friends are saying.

Said Facebook earlier today in a caption to a photo on the Facebook fanpage.

As with any Facebook change allot users don’t like this, but this new feature seems to be getting slightly more negative comments then usual.

This is similar to what Facebook has doing with wall posts, like happy birthday wishes.

Preview of the feature:

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