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Heello launches video

Heello has just launched video uploading to its Twitter competitor, making the second major difference between it and Twitter.

The site announced the feature today, you can upload a video by hitting the camera button and selecting the video you want to upload, basically the same was as you upload a photo except it shows up in video format.

The video is put in a very simple customized Heello video player, the only thing I don’t like about this feature is that when you opt to view the video full screen it only covers the web browser and not the whole screen so you can’t see the whole full screen, other than this it is a pretty nice feature.

No word yet on time limits for videos but my question is how much server space is this going to take up because Heello already had to cut its public timeline feature due to high capacity.


Will.i.am ironically makes a #newtwitter promotion video

In case you didn’t know Will.i.am LOVES Twitter. Its EXTREMELY ironic because one of the few sites making leway with Twitter around is Shoutitout, the sites founder/owner/CEO is named William and the new Twitter is a complete knock off of Shoutitout. Niki Manjani somehow helped again, and lots of love to the “check this motherfucker out” at the end.

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