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Twitter photos comes to API

Twitter has beaten out Shoutitout in the race to get the respective sites photo feature out to their APIs. Twitter rolled theirs out today while Shoutitout is yet to launch theirs, to be fair, Shoutitout hasn’t actually confirmed they are that is just according to our sources.

Twitter users can publish the photos in .png, .jpg, and unanimated .GIF formats (like Shoutitout.)

This comes ahead of Apple and Twitter’s iOS 5 fused update that we all know is coming and we have written entire posts about before, though some already have access to it yes.

The feature has rate limits which Twitter explains, you also have to add the feature in it isn’t automatic. Twitter says it will add photo sharing to its own mobile apps within the week (translation: this month).

The photo sharing feature became available to all just last week.


Twitter’s Wall like feature comes out to all

Twitter is rolling out allot of new stuff this week, and they are continuing to do so. Today Twitter’s wall like mentioning  feature, that we reported was coming awhile ago, is coming to all.

Right now it looks like the users with a smaller number of followers are getting the feature first, then it is spreading to the more popular users in a pretty quick roll out.

This is a feature to encourage conversation on the network and really it should have been there a long time ago because it’s simple enough but extremely useful.

Yes, this is allot like Facebook’s wall posting feature but unlike Facebook it will not appear on the users Twitter profile page, it will just go to the feed like every other tweet does and all mentions do now.

Twitter is probably testing allot more features in the name of engagement as you read this since Twitter’s new approach seems to be to get users more engaged.

Weather Channel to include tweets in forecasts

The Weather Channel, who is now partnered with Twitter, is launching The Weather Channel Social, a new, web, mobile and on air social site that will compare tweets from a local area to the forecasted weather.

On the website the page will show local listings and tweets matched for relevance on the weather in that area, in other words you get to here what the Weather Channel says the weather is like in the area, and what the people there say it’s like.

The mobile application will show the listed areas and show a live feed of tweets in the area about weather as well.

The Weather Channel will also use th

e tweets on air before, during and after the Weather Forecast (only during live broadcasts) they will also discuss live weather trends on Twitter.

To add to all of this the Weather Channel has also created 220 local Twitter feeds for cities with over 100,000 in population.

Twitter has been known to get up to 2 million weather related Twe

ets per day if the weather is active and can get around 300 to 500 a minute as well.

The new Weather Channel social is sponsored by Citi. Twitter and the Weather Channel will share revenue for the project according to our sources.

What it looks like:

Twitter launches Show Me More

Since it launched back in 2006, Twitter has been basically the same thing on everything. Strait timelines with just words and a username. Today that changes.

First of all the tab @Mentions on Twitter is being replaced with the tabs @USERNAME and Activity. These two new stems are designed to show what is going on around these tweets or whatever appears in these timelines.

The @USERNAME tab (obviously replaced with your username) will show your replies, but it will also show things like when someone follows you, when someone Retweets you or favorites your Shout. It’s an very similar concept to Shoutitout’s notifications if you are familiar with them.

The Activity stream shows the same things, but for other people. For example if someone who I am following retweets something it will show up there.

This could change Twitter is a large way. While Favoriting tweets has been around since the site launched, it is rarely used on any site (which is why Shoutitout switched to the like button.)

But Twitter has decided to take this path and hope to increase the amount this feature is used along with other features so that your connections can see what you are interested in.

Twitter will roll out these changes to a very small group of users today, then slowly rolling out to everyone else over the next few weeks if everything goes according to plan.

For now this will only be on twitter.com. Twitter is drawing up ways to put this on mobile devices but notes it could be very different if it ever comes.

This is what the feature looks like:


Twitter rolls out photo sharing to everyone, now it gets interesting

Twitter has just announced it has rolled out its new built in photo sharing service to everyone on the site. This makes things allot more interesting.

The site has allowed some of its users access to the new feature but not a large amount in till today when everyone got the message that they now have access to the photo sharing service which should reboot a highly anticipated feature which was already starting to become unused.

The reason this makes things interesting is because what will it do to Twitpic, Mobypicture, yFrog, etc. Also can Twitter catch up with Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Shoutitout etc…?

Right now Twitter gets about 1 photo for ever 10,000 Facebook photos, 2,000 Flickr photos, 5 Instgram photos, and 3 Shoutitout photos but this will grow that number largely and cut into that stat by allot.

Or the other thing, no one will use it and will keep supporting Twitpic in till Twitter just blows it off and it stays out there but is almost never used, which has happened often with other sites, but isn’t a usual around Twitter.

We will keep you updated in different posts if any other popular photo sharing service respond to this.

What a photo looks like after it is tweeted:

Video explaining Twitter photos:

Old Twitter is now officially gone forever

R.I.P Old Twitter, you will be missed, a little. Long live New Twitter!

That is right, Twitter has force changed all the people who still used the old Twitter to their new interface, commonly called New Twitter even though it is more than a year old.

Twitter announced this via tweet from @twitter that said:

New Twitter rollout: complete! All users now have the same Twitter.com experience & can access our latest features. http://t.co/8dfSGdV

Users can no longer use the old version of the site though I have the feeling it hasn’t been fully removed and someone may find it somewhere on Twitter database.

If you have been using the old Twitter and want to find out what New Twitter is all about this is Twitter’s official description video.

Twitter goes talent shopping, acquires Bagcheck

Twitter has just acquired Bagcheck, a company that focuses on lists of interests, say Bagcheck’s founders Sam Pullara and Luke Wroblewski.

Bagcheck, which launched just 7 months ago, encourages users to put interest into “Bags” making lists.

We’ve acquired Bagcheck, and Sam Pullara, its co-founder and CTO will join us today

Says Twitter.

This acquisition seems to have the goal of getting the engineering half of the founding team. Pullara will be joining Twitter while Wroblewski is said to be working on his next big thing.

Twitter has this to say about Mr. Pullara:

Sam Pullara is a rare talent with a deep appreciation for connecting people with their interests, He’s a skilled product strategist, technologist and entrepreneur who has not only led large teams at Yahoo and Borland, but has co-founded successful ventures and spent time advising young startups as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Accel Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital.

Bagcheck will still be available in the future, says Pullara, but as every acquisition goes it may change eventually.

It’s too soon at this point to share any details on how and whether Bagcheck will be incorporated into Twitter,

Said a Twitter spokesperson.


Let the war begin

Well first of all we’d like to say told you.

We haven’t been posting in the last 2 days and you have the right to know why, we have been digging, lots.

Basically we knew something was coming in microblogging and sites competing with all of their resources to get the most out of their advertising programs, well today it gets ugly.

We are just going to make a list of our sources at 4 very powerful microblogging sites.

Twitter: Twitter, gotta love Twitter. To bad today they started “operation elimination” as they’re calling it, the sole mission of it being, do whatever it takes to find out Shoutitout’s plans for advertising, it also says that they will do whatever it takes to crush every other microblogs advertising plans

Plurk: Plurk runs Asia so basically they want to run advertising of Asia, right now they use Google Adwords but they plan to start making it so you can sign up strait from Plurk. I’m sure Twitter will have something to say about this for sure and we are sure some other sites will as well.

Google+: Sorry, but it will come eventually, Google+ does have very undeveloped plans to start advertising in a few months/years. We don’t have that much information about them but they plan to take over this department of advertising, like Google always does.

Shoutitout: Our sources don’t know much about their plans for advertising just that http://brand.myshoutitout.com has something to do with it. What we do know is they are working to compete across the board and they may have the best chance of giving Twitter a run, even though Google+ has better resources their plans are much less developed so it will take them awhile. Shoutitout on the other hand is almost ready to start testing. Also, to make things worse they are about to launch something directly targeted at Twitter, we have been asked by our source not to tell what it is since he has put allot of work into it but boy, it will toss things up for sure.

So as you can see its getting ugly, and tensions are rising all across the web right now. We could have a future of lots of high scale arguments, userbases of sites planning hack wars against other userbases and lawsuits all over.

Old Version of Twitter to be removed this week

Twitter is FINALLY removing the old Twitter after almost a year since the launch of the “New Twitter.”

If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you’ll be upgraded to New Twitter this week

tweeted @twitter earlier today to give users the heads up that its going to be removed.

Twitter has had a banner warning users that the old version would eventually be removed period, last month the warning was made more urgent and said that the change would be soon, a month? Not really soon but it has come.

So goodbye old Twitter you will be missed by some but most have accepted the fact that the change has been coming and will wave to you goodbye.


Twitter taking extra measures to protect confidential documents

Twitter is partnering with a German company called Brainloop in order to more effectively safeguard and also to give it the ability to loosely share its confidential documents.

Brainloop has some highlevel consumers already including Nokia and BMW already so they know what they’re doing. Needless to say, we don’t like this, now we can’t mistakenly find Twitter confidential documents as easily, haha.

In a statement Twitter said it is excited to be working with Brainloop in and it should help as Twitter “expands its global footprint.”

Branloop CEO Luca Baratta said this:

We make it easy for workers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders, whether they reside inside or outside the network, to do their jobs knowing they are complying with confidentiality rules, that their intellectual property is being protected, and best of all, that they don’t have to worry about it.

Translation: Brainloop will help Twitter keep people like us from getting sensitive information. Without help anyway.

The funny part about this whole story? It was all leaked.

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