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Who got the most attention from the royal wedding?

The royal wedding, which was a big deal, got plenty of internet buzz has finally gotten a statistics chart from the internet to see exactly how popular everyone was. No Pippa Middleton didn’t get the most attention.


Twitter gets new oauth pages

Twitter has just released new oauth pages with a complete new design. The page contains the information of the developer along with what the application will be able to do, and telling you what signing on that page does. It also informs you that your password is secure and that you can use Twitter to login to other services. Twitters API has gotten allot of attention recently because of its attempts at buying Tweetdeck along with its tensions with Shoutitout.

No tweets at the royal wedding

Any avid Tweeters attending the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William will have to do without Twitter during their time there as an signal blocking device will be used at Westminster abbey. The idea was originally suggested by members of the royal family and then confirmed by police a source says. The idea is to stop information, photos, and videos, getting out of the wedding before it is finished and to stop any ringtones from interrupting. This wont cause web silence as the talk of the royal wedding is already growing on Twitter and Facebook and hey at lest no one else will be fired. One palace guard was already dismissed for calling the bride to be a “stuck up cow” and a “posh bitch” on Facebook.

Tweetie officially no longer supports Shoutitout

Although its been almost a year since Tweetie stopped working on Shoutitout/since Twitter bought it today Shoutitout and Twitter announced officially that Twitter for iPhone will no longer support Shoutitout, neither will the Mac application. We’ve seen this coming and both sites are just casually announcing it like it was just a normal little meeting, but our sources say otherwise. Shoutitout is known for getting in company fights with very large internet companies and winning like Myspace. This one doesn’t seem like Shoutitout will win though because its a battle of money, and all though Shoutitout isn’t broke… Twitter is rich. Tweetie was the second most popular iPhone/iPod touch application so it did hurt Shoutitout when they stopped support Shoutitout. Now Twitter is in talks to buy Tweetdeck for 50 million and UberMedia is also going after it for 35 million. Well UberMedia owns Ubersocial and Twidroyd which still support Shoutitout so Shoutitout should be fine with that, but Tweetdeck is extremely popular on Shoutitout and is actually more used than the actual site is in the UK so if Tweetdeck takes support away from Shoutitout that will hurt their API, which has grown allot recently, massively. Shoutitout will somehow try and keep this from happening but this looks like a Twitter win from here. We will see though.

Tweetdeck revamps iPhone app

Tweetdeck has just launched a revamped Version 2.0 of its iPhone app. It has all the old features and some very nice brand new ones. It has taken “months of feverish work” to complete the app. This app isn’t just an major update however, it is a complete new app… the other apps have been removed from the app store but you need to go to the app store and search Tweetdeck to get this new app. Or just go here. A revamped iPad app is on its way as Tweetdeck spreads it new app but should take a few weeks to finish developing. The app allows extremely high tech column blending like mixing your Facebook news feed with your Foursquare check-ins and a Twitter list. It also has full support for Deck.ly which has been on Chrome, Android, and Desktop for a while now. Deck.ly is a branded unlimited length tweet services (like Twitlonger) but this is something interesting because we are told that Deck.ly is the kind of service Twitter hates the most and would do away with if it bought Tweetdeck. This video shows the new app:

Yammer now works on iPad

Yammer has had an native iPad app for a while now, but it never worked, period… we aren’t talking it was buggy… you would start it up then it would crash. For those who aren’t familiar Yammer is a site were you create privet data sharing blogs to communicate at work. Yammer iOS 4 app came out a few weeks ago and worked fine on the iPod touch/iPhone and should have worked on the iPad, but thats to simple so it didn’t, but today it became binary and worked on both. It works in both screen views and borrows from the excellent Twitter for iPad app that has the 3 column view. The push notifications which are always annoying have said to be improved but i’m not to sure about that one. The app remains free and you can get it here if you don’t have it already, if you do you can go ahead and just update your iPhone version and it will work on the iPad to. The new app also means they can compete with with Saleforces chatter app which has been ganging ground on them recently with the Will.i.am advertisements. Now all Yammer needs is an Air app, perhaps they’ll buy Gabble, that would be a story.

William Parish gets a Mac

Today, according to a massively popular Shout by @willy William Parish, the CEO of Shoutitout has just received his first Mac. This seems like something silly for us to write about, it kind of is, but we have had a slow news day/week, also it matters because it might finally get the new iPhone apps pushed threw because you need a Mac to code them completely. The apps have been in testing for a few weeks now and the iPhone app is reportedly 100% functional, but the iPad and Android are a little less fully developed. The iPad has problems loading, and displaying graphics and the Android has security issues. Shoutitout is also working on a new mobile site that is reportedly almost ready to launch as they have started to add allot more beta testers as of recently, so the acquisition of this 1000$ computer may actually be huge for Shoutitout.

Shoutitout reaches 500,000 photos uploaded

Shoutitout has recently hit the 500,000 photos uploaded mark. Photo shouting has been around since the launch of Shoutitout but got popular last summer and has really taken off. It is second in attachments only to links (at last report) and today they reached the 500,000 landmark. The 500,000 shout is posted below. Shoutitout is closing in on 7 million Shouts, it also has an amazing index of 652,000,000 places indexed (the largest place database on the web) and both have only had minor issues. There are over 3 million links on Shoutitout but photos are posting 3 to 1 since the start of 2011. The site plans to hit 1,000,000 photos uploaded by February of 2012. Its also picking up in member growth and Shouts per day. The shutdown of Youare.com has also really left the door open so we will see what happens.


beta-back ride!

around 3 h ago,

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Qwitter acquired by TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter has acquired Qwitter for 11,111$. Qwitter is an app that sends you an email when someone unfollows you, the name from “Twitter’s Quitters.” It’s not that high of an amount, but its not a nonsense random fun buy, Qwitter has 180,000 active users and signs up around 2,000 a week. This acquisition also includes a an app, Tweetsaver.com, that allows users to archive their tweets much more than the Twitter website does. TwitterCounter has already grabbed twitaholic, a Twitter stats keeps. TwitterCounter says it will keep Qwitter separately branded for now but will look for ways to combine the services.

Yahoo! Buzz bites the dust

We saw this coming, but Yahoo! has announced it is going to cut support for the Digg/Google Buzz like site, Yahoo! Buzz. The message on the website:

Yahoo! Buzz will be discontinued as of April 21, 2011. As of this date, you will be unable to access the Yahoo! Buzz site. This was a hard decision. However this will help us focus on our core strengths and new innovations. We appreciate your patronage. The Yahoo! Buzz Team.

Yahoo! Buzz launches back in 2008 but never really took off. You could tell Yahoo! was getting ready to shut it down. We had heard that Yahoo! was “sunsetting” Yahoo! Buzz along with Delicious, AlltheWeb, MyBlogLog, Altavista, Yahoo! Bookmarks, and Yahoo! Picks, but Yahoo! eventually announced that it would be finding a new home for Delicious and would keep it running it in till it did. Why did Yahoo! reject AOLs acquisition offer again?

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