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Shoutitout launches Mac app, plans to launch Windows as well

Shoutitout has just announced via blogpost, Shout by @admin and Shout by their new account @siodesktop that they have official launched a Mac app. They also say in the blog post that they have plans to launch other desktop applications as well in the future but don’t have an estimated time yet.

The site has launched a full landing page for the app at http://mac.myshoutitout.info, we don’t now at this time where the Windows app would be located but they probably do.

The app is built around HTML5 and a browser implant, it also has multitasking windows and allows you to add your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace profiles.

The app has almost everything the site does except the fact that it doesn’t have the ability to post a video, or attach a link which is why it gives you access to sio.me.

The app has gotten positive feedback but remember it just launched so the bugs haven’t been found yet.

This comes at a good time for Shoutitout. Twitter has been busy all week and Google+ got a 3rd party Mac app this week as well so it is a great way to say “Hey, we’re still here.”




Google+ gets a 3rd party Mac app

Sully Taylor, Creative Director for Teens in Tech, has built a 3rd party Mac app for Google+ and it just went live.

The app is pretty simple and has every feature and is basically the actual web browser ported onto your computer.

This is interesting because Taylor says next week he has big plans for the app but wanted to go ahead and get something out there. We aren’t exactly sure what these “big plans” are yet but we are investigating.

The new app requires Mac OS X and Google Chrome but some users are reporting issues downloading it with Lion, I am using Lion and not having issues however.

Taylor is a member of the Google+ development program, basically a currently privet API, which he will use to make major changes to the Mac app.

The one noticeable problem so far as that there really isn’t a way back if you click a link that makes you leave Google+ , but every app has its issues.

The app also has push notifications to remind you to check Google+ as much as possible if you are an addict like some (me *Cough*).

Here is a preview of the main page of the app:

William Parish gets a Mac

Today, according to a massively popular Shout by @willy William Parish, the CEO of Shoutitout has just received his first Mac. This seems like something silly for us to write about, it kind of is, but we have had a slow news day/week, also it matters because it might finally get the new iPhone apps pushed threw because you need a Mac to code them completely. The apps have been in testing for a few weeks now and the iPhone app is reportedly 100% functional, but the iPad and Android are a little less fully developed. The iPad has problems loading, and displaying graphics and the Android has security issues. Shoutitout is also working on a new mobile site that is reportedly almost ready to launch as they have started to add allot more beta testers as of recently, so the acquisition of this 1000$ computer may actually be huge for Shoutitout.

Twitter for Mac coming soon

Tweetie 2 (or Twitter for Mac) is coming tomorrow We have seen this coming for a while now because of the acquisition. Not only is this app launching but the Mac app store is coming tomorrow to. The screen shot below was released recently but only as a rumor so we didn’t want to post it yet, but we have just confirmed that it is in fact a real screenshot and Twitter for Mac is coming tomorrow. So as soon as the Mac store launches at 9am tomorrow expect Twitter for Mac to be right there full with Retweeting, drag and drop tweets, and real-time updating.

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